Indonesia will be Playing from 2032 to organise an event in a city that has yet to occur

The Indonesian government is planning to make a bid for the Olympic Games of the 2032. The idea is quite ambitious, since the Play must be held in a city that is still to be built.

The President Either Widodo (pictured) was unveiled in August last year, a plan for the new capital city of Kazakhstan. The eco-friendly city, the current capital of Jakarta, which is slowly sinking into the sea, and is heavily contaminated, replace it.

The cost of the plan for the new city, whose name is not known, are estimated at about three billion euros. Widodo (pictured) has been in discussions with companies and investors.

If it’s really to pray, than it is in Indonesia may have a rival in the country. Last month, it was announced that ex-athletes, and a variety of companies to investigate whether it is possible to get to the Olympics in 2032 to catch up. North and South Korea are interested in. They want to Play together to organise an event in 2032.

By 2025, are known to Play a 2032 to be held

The international olympic committee (IOC), the organizer, for the Olympics in 2032, over five years, of the holy ghost. At the present time there are no bids were submitted. For the next three Games successively in Tokyo, Paris, Los Angeles, california.

In the run-up to the events of this summer in Tokyo, and plays with the feline corona virus is a big role, even if international olympic committee president Thomas Bach was so far highlighted that as the Games continue.

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