Indonesia leaves Jakarta for other capital

The Indonesian president Either Widodo has determined that Indonesia is a other capital. Which city that should be, is still unknown. Unlike the current capital of Jakarta, will be the new capital city is not on the busy island of Java.

It may be ten years before Indonesia is actually a new capital, let the government Monday to know.

Jakarta has a population of about ten million people. In the metropolitan area where Jakarta is part of, living even 30 million people. Total living on Java 140 million people, more than half of the total population of Indonesia.

Jakarta has one of the busiest strikers in the world. The traffic it attracts, according to minister Bambang Brodjonegoro Planning a heavy burden on the Indonesian economy.

In addition, Jakarta is sinking because the city is more groundwater pumping than is naturally being replenished. This flooded the city regularly.

Dodging to the east of the archipelago

There should be a new capital city to be designated, but, according to Brodjonegoro, the government prefer a place in the east of the archipelago.

Palangka Raya in Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo island, and is a favorite to Jakarta as a capital city to follow. The area in which the city is located, is much greater than that of Jakarta. In addition, the risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, there is less.

The idea to move the capital has been playing for decades. Jakarta is since 1950 the capital city of the country.

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