Indonesia gets sex-educatieboek from trade to masturbatiehoofdstuk

Indonesia gets sex-educatieboek from trade to masturbatiehoofdstuk

A book on sexual education for children in Indonesia should be withdrawn from the market because of a passage about masturbation. The Indonesian ministry of Education mentions the issue of “too vulgar”.

The ministry claims that the book is pornographic content. The points on a drawing in the book in which a boy thinks of hugging a pillow while he can’t sleep and on a section from the book where the boy is a new game discovered by his hand in his pants to cross.

“The content of the book is not suitable for children. It is too vulgar”, according to the ministry. The publisher the book should be revoked to “severe sanctions” to prevent.

The publisher of the book I’m only sleeping and I am learning to control myself to keep has apologized for the transgression, but also says that the book is intended to help parents to protect their children from sexual harassment by people with “bad intentions”.

Also the book offers information about sexually transmitted diseases (stds) and contains the basic knowledge about important things that children from a young age need to know”.

Sexual education in school is very uncommon in Indonesia, and conversations about sex are often regarded as a taboo.

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