Indiana democratic senator faces uphill re-election battle in the trump suit Land

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Sen Donnelly 10 vulnerable Democrats in the Trump States of America

Republicans eye red state Democrats in the Senate races, including Indiana Democrat Joe Donnelly; Peter Doocy reports from Indianapolis.

To win re-election as a Democrat in a state that President Trump won in the year 2016 is a math problem for sen. Joe Donnelly, R-Ind.

“My voting record is this: I have said 62 per cent, with Donald Trump,” Donnelly.

This is a bad grade in this state, Trump, by almost 20 points, according to Donnelly’s Republican Challenger, Mike brown.

“On every important piece of legislation that he votes 100 percent against Donald Trump and the conservative agenda,” brown said.

Brown leads Donnelly 45 to 43 percent, according to a new Fox News poll, and Donnelly’s willingness to work with the President on a key campaign theme.

Now, Donnelly, one of the 10 democratic senators seeking re-election in a state Trump won, is now the defense of his “no” votes for big-ticket items like tax reform and Obamacare repeal.

“On the things to take as you try to cover pre-existing conditions, I’ll pass,” Donnelly said. “Hoosiers don’t want a copy machine – you want to be a senator.”

Sen. Joe Donnelly, right, is one of 10 democratic senators seeking re-election in a state Trump won, is running against businessman Mike brown, left, a Republican.

Undecided voters at the last of the Donnelly campaign in Bremen, not so sure.

Sid Shafer, a grain and chicken-farmer, voted for President Trump, but leans against the support, Donnelly, calls his recent record as a reason for concern.

“This is pretty much a trump card state,” Shafer. “And yet he is not voting for him.”

The agricultural tariffs are tilting some of the other undecided farmers in the direction of Donnelly, including a trump card to voters, soybean farmer Charlie Houin.

“Eighty percent of my decision is said to be made gonna, how the candidates are gonna affect agriculture and how you are gonna support me,” Houin.

Brown argues that tariffs are necessary to put pressure on trading partners, and supports you as long as differences of opinion on exports and imports can be resolved quickly.

“The farmers tell me, are you with President Trump, you just do not have the ability to pull for this,” brown said.

Donnelly does not agree and claims he told the President, he blames him for disproportionately affect constituents in rural communities.

“I spoke with him specifically about the issue and said: ‘Mr President, there is a better way to do this, there is a better way to handle this, where so many wonderful people who voted for them and supported to lose you, to your farms,'” Donnelly said.

Brown is confident that Donnelly is a failure, to work more with the trump management will cost the incumbent in November.

“Hoosiers want to see the system replaced,” brown said. “And you know that if you keep sending politicians from the farm system of the policy, you can expect the same.”

Peter Doocy is currently a Washington, DC-based correspondent for FOX News Channel (FNC). He joined the network in 2009 as a General assignment reporter based in New York office.

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