Indian toddler for days on end stuck in a deep well, rescue operation in full swing

A two year old boy sitting since Friday afternoon, in a 180-foot-deep pit, in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The rescue operation was in full swing, but it’s not obvious in the case of emergency, when the child is able to attend.

The boy Sujith, Wilson, and fell into the pit, and when he was playing with my friends. According to the authorities, his condition is stable. Further details are not known yet. It is a child since the accident, the oxygen is administered.

Wilson, according to local media, is fixed to about 30 feet. Rescue workers tried several times with the rope going up to them, but all these attempts did not succeed.

In addition to the well as it is now, with the heavy materials carefully for a second, a hole was dug. It is intended that the search and rescue team to descend into the hole, and then a horizontal tunnel that leads to Wilson’s grave. The work is made more difficult because of the rocky soil and the rain.

The accident occurred on Wilson, shows similarities with that of the two-year-Julen from Spain. The Spanish search and rescue team know Julen, who, like Wilson, while playing outside, in a pit, fell in, at the end of January, after nearly two weeks away. The child was no more.


Emergency services in India, seek the child out of the well, to the rescue


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