Indian court rejects is considered to be a controversial plot of land in the conflict with the muslims

A controversial piece of land in the Indian city of Ayodhya that both muslims and hindus it is claimed, until the supreme court allotted to the hindus. It is also expected that the muslims have a different plot of land assigned to them.

The two religious groups have for decades been arguing about the plot of land in the north-east of India, which up to 1992 when the mosque was standing.

The house of worship, as it was in that year destroyed by the hindus who say that the hindu god Ram, in the exact same place it was born, and before the building of the mosque in 1528.

The court considers it proven that, under the remains of the mosque and the ruins of a hindu temple have been found.

The muslims who were at the trial, have been involved in, and have a plot of land of 2 acres, were allotted, of which she is a new mosque may be built. The group does not agree with the decision, but it is not clear whether the ruling will be appealed. “This is not justice,” says their lawyer.

Hindus celebrate the festival following the verdict of the supreme court. (Photo: Reuters)

Thousands and thousands of deaths in the conflict for the plot

The destruction of the mosque, in the nineties, the conflict in the country, of which about two thousand people were killed. The majority of the victims were muslim. Since then, there are lawsuits over the high-security area of land that is only 1.1 hectares in size.

The Indian authorities have sent out in the run-up to the advisory opinion of the court, thousands of paramilitary and police officers, to Ayodhya. Now, it has been decided to whom the land will be the construction of a hindu temple.

Prime minister Narendra Modi, whose hindu nationalist party and its plans for a new temple work, it says that the sentence should not be seen as a gain or a loss. “May peace and harmony prevail”, he adds.


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