India is no formal independence of the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir

The hindu nationalist government of India, on Thursday, formally, the autonomy is withdrawn from the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir. Prime minister Narendra Modi announced the plan at the beginning of August, and since then it is located in the region of the flat.

In the predominantly muslim state of Jammu and Kashmir (called Cashmere-was in 1947, has a special status in return for joining India at the time. New Delhi wants to be in the region final, too, and has the power to increase.

To the buddhist, Ladakhi, which is within the state are a small minority, have, in addition, as of Thursday, their own federal region, which is called Ladakh. Modi promised that in the year 2014. The muslims Kasjmiri) will continue to live with the hindus in Jammu and Kashmir.

Three weeks later, she wants to be the Modes of this field is a hindoestaat to make. The Indian government denies this, and says that the decision is up to the extra live in peace and prosperity, it will lead to. In the region, such as the Kasjmirvallei, it is a sought-after place to live and work in. A lot of people are worried that the homes will be bought out by hindus from different parts of India. The Indian government is encouraging this, as well as mixed marriages.

The Indian security forces on patrol on Thursday to additional because of the troubled times ahead, but so far it’s been quiet on the street.

The inhabitants of Kashmir for three months, cut off from the internet

After the Modes are at the beginning of August, announcing that the independence of Kashmir, would be revoked, the region was cut off from the outside world. The people were in the streets not more, and there was no internet and telephone is possible.

In the meantime, it is a fixed amount of telephone traffic has been restored, but you can still see some of the pre-paid cards are called in. Also, the internet has not yet been restored. A lot of Kasjmiri, the muslim majority in the region, and daring to still have to go to school or to work.

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Might be three hundred people in a cell without a trial

India, sent out in addition to tens of thousands of additional troops to the region, to avoid any uprisings in the bud in the beginning. In spite of this, a display of power have, over the past few months hundreds of protests have been held, of which at least three people dead and hundreds injured.

In addition, in recent months, at least four young men were arrested. According to the Indian authorities, especially three of them back to the wild. 250 of these men have been transferred to prisons in other parts of India.

Also, it would be three hundred people have been arrested under the so-called Public Safety Act. Because of this, it is for the authorities to be allowed to them for up to two years, for a long time without trial.

As a student in New Delhi, carries out actions against a controversial decision by the government of india. (Photo: Reuters)

The indian Supreme court deals with revocation of autonomy

The autonomous status of the Region was governed by article 370 of the Indian constitution. This includes, among other things, that the region of partial autonomy, but not, for example, your own military is allowed to have. In addition, this article states that the Kasjmiri shall have the right to their own land and their own sense of identity.

The Indian Supreme court is examining is from november, this change in the law. The decision is still months away.

The region for seventy years, was disputed by Pakistan and India

The region is an area that has for seventy years been disputed by Pakistan and India and, to a lesser extent, China. The region is administratively divided among three countries.

Pakistan controls the northwest portion (Azad Kashmir and Northern Areas. India controls the central and southern parts of the region, which included Jammu, and the Kasjmirvallei, and Ladakh are under attack. China is governed and, finally, a small area in the north-east.

In India, however, is that all of the areas of the Indian state of attack, something that Pakistan is refuted. Regularly arising tensions between the two countries is high. Pakistan has disputed the decision of India in article 370 to be deleted to be firmly condemned, and addressed by the United Nations.

Since about 1989, and there are also islamic separatists operating in the region that regularly stops doing it. In 1996, it was a conflict fought between the dozens of armed groups and the Indian security forces.


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