India, explains in a mobile network, down to demonstration to stop

In an attempt to bring the protests into the country to a halt, the Indian government on Thursday, the mobile phone network shut down, and a samenscholingsverbod in a number of major cities are set up. It’s been days and restless in the country, after the Indian house of lords on the 11th of december, a man burgerschapswet approved.

The measures taken to prevent it in the Thursday, re-agitated in the major cities in india. There was the past few days has been more than a hundred injured during the protests.

According to the BBC, over the past few days, hundreds of protesters were arrested. How many of the protesters, there will be exactly picked up, it is not well known. A spokesman said the police responded on Sunday to the questions, says Reuters news agency.

Ever since, the Indian house of lords on the 11th of december, a man burgerschapswet approved, it is agitated within the country. The new law stipulates that the buddhist, christian, hindu, jaïnisten, Parsi and sikhs, who for the year 2015, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, had Indian passport you can get it. The muslims have no right to.

The act raises a lot of resistance in the Indian population. Critics say that prime minister Narendra Modi with the new law and the secular constitution of India as of europe. According to them, it proves that the act of Modi is that he is from India, and a hindoestaat is to be made.

Says Modi is that he is using the law to minorities in the neighbouring countries will want to protect it.

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