India draws lanceringsrecord with Dutch satellites

India draws lanceringsrecord with Dutch satellites

Photo: AFP

India has broken a world record by Wednesday at one time 104 satellites in orbit around the earth. In addition, Dutch also uses satellites.

That has the Dutch ISISpace announced, that says to be responsible for 101 of the used satellites. The Dutch company makes mainly nanosatellieten. The heaviest satellite weighing 714 kg, and the lightest by more than 1 kilogram.

The Russians brought in 2014 in a total of 37 satellites at once outside the atmosphere.

The rocket carrying the satellites outside the earth’s atmosphere, was launched from ruimtebasis Sriharikota in the east of India. On board were satellites from seven different countries, including the United States.


The netherlands

Of the 101 Dutch satellites, the company was at three, which is partly responsible for the design and development. It is unclear what role ISISpace exactly played with the other 98 devices. A spokesman of the ruimteorganisatie was not reachable for comment.

The company helped for a Swiss project with the DIDO-2. This satellite is a minilaboratorium for in the space, which tested how well such a system can work.

In the Netherlands, partly made Nayif-1 will text messages from the earth, capture and forwarding. In this way, the satellite data for academic research send between the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre, and academics in the United Arab Emirates.

The PEASSS can be self power generating and to keep the space in the holes. In this way, the nanosatelliet make it easier for Europe to scans of the space to perform.

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