India announces plans to create a special status for the Region in which to draw

The government of president Narendra Modi is planning to be a part of the constitution, and to take it away. It’s going to be the constitutional article that, in the region of Kashmir as a special state grant. Also, India has tens of thousands of troops to the Region is controlled. The steps that have led to much unrest in the state is in the Himalayas.

In article 370, it is determined that the Region and the region of Jammu have more autonomy than other Indian states. In the article it is also stated that the Region have its own constitution and flag should have. The region has been independent, but it is not the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Communication.

The Indian minister for Home Affairs, Amit Shah, announced on Monday in parliament that the government has plans for the purposes of article 370 is repealed. The opposition reacted very much to this release.

Kashmir is divided between India and Pakistan participated. The majority of the population of Kashmir is muslim. Experts consider that the region is in the Himalayas, as one of the potentially most dangerous flashpoints in the world.

In Pakistan, the action is strongly condemned.

Communication in the Region shut down

Earlier on Monday, it closed in India, the population of the Region is already on the phone and internet services. In addition, the movement and the educational restrictions imposed on them. Also, staatsleiders placed under house arrest, some of the fears raised is that the Modes of the plan was to have the special status of the Region and to undermine it.

Over the past few days has appeared more and more Indian troops are on the street. Many of the inhabitants of the Region saw this as a signal to add additional inventory in the store. Among other things at the gas stations were on this weekend, long lines.

A leading politician Mehmooba Mufti in Kashmir as the Jammu prime minister was named Monday as “the blackest day in Indian democracy”. The house, placed Mufti tweeted that India is in Kashmir, as it were, ‘taken’ if in the land, article 370 and revoking.

Today marks the darkest day in Indian democracy. Decision of the J&K leadership, to name the 2 nation theory in 1947, & to align with India has backfired. Unilateral decision of GOI to scrap Article 370, it is illegal & unconstitutional which will make India as an occupational force in J&K.

AvatarAuteurMehboobaMuftiMoment of plaatsen06:06 am – 5 August, 2019 at the latest

The tensions date back to the colonial era

The nationalist Hindu Bharatiya Janata party (BJP) of Modi has a huge majority in the Indian parliament. Negotiations with the head of Pakistan were in the past it’s always broken.

The tensions in the Region have a lot to do with the long history of conflict between India and Pakistan, it is the extra load it has been ever since the two countries for the disposal of weapons to be had.

The rivalry between India and Pakistan that dates back to the British colonial era. After the analyses, it was British India divided in to India and Pakistan.

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