India and Pakistan fire at each other after weeks of rising tension

India and Pakistan have Wednesday artilleriebeschietingen exchanged at the border in the Kashmir region, which both countries shared. Pakistani fighter jets flew over the Indian airspace, but were intercepted by a squadron of the Indian air force.

A unit of the Indian air force crashed Wednesday down in Kashmir. Two pilots and a civilian were killed, the local police to let them know.

The Pakistani army says two Indian fighter jets have shot down over Pakistani territory. After two pilots are captured.

India says a Pakistani unit off the air to have shot and own one fighter to have lost and one pilot missing. It is not yet clear whether he is in Pakistani hands is fallen, said a spokesman of the Indian ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Pakistani aviation authorities showed Wednesday, know that the airspace immediately closed for commercial flights, reports Sky News.

Schiphol airport reports that there are no direct flights from the Netherlands to Pakistan.

Shelling leading to several injuries

A spokesman of the Indian army said that Pakistan twelve to fifteen locations on the Indian side of the border, with heavy artillery has shelled. According to the Indian armed forces shot it back and they brought great damage to five Pakistani army camps. By the Pakistani fire, five Indian soldiers slightly wounded, said the spokesman.

Local authorities the Pakistani side saying that the Indian shelling on four people in the life, cost price and seven others injured. It is not clear whether it is military or civilians.

Tensions have risen after the attack and air attack

The tensions in Kashmir have in recent weeks suffered. Militant fighters from Pakistan to operate, committed on February 14, a suicide attack with a car bomb. It came at least forty Indian paramilitary police officers to life.

In response to that attack, carried Indian fighter jets Tuesday, a bombing raid on Pakistani territory. According to the Indian government were at that attack, aimed at a training camp for militants, a “very large number” of fighters were killed.

Pakistan denied that there were victims cases by the Indian shelling. Prime minister Imran Khan announced that his country would attack to retaliate.

The American minister of Foreign Affairs Mike Pompeo spoke Tuesday with his counterparts, mr. from India and Pakistan. “I pressed both ministers on the heart that we India and Pakistan to encourage in order to keep and to escalation at all costs to avoid”, he let Wednesday know in a statement.

Kashmir by two arch-enemies claimed

Kashmir by both India and Pakistan claimed. The countries each have a share of the region in the hands. The two nuclear powers have a long history of conflict: they fought since the end of British colonial rule in 1947, three wars with each other.

The disputed state of Kashmir is considered as one of the most dangerous potential flashpoints in the world.

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