Incredible images show bat drinking nectar from a flower

connectVideoIncredible images show bat drinking nectar from a flower

A photographer in Costa Rica succeeded for the capture of beautiful photos with his Canon 5D Mark IV of a bat drinking nectar.

Holy nectar, Batman.

A British pensioner has managed to capture a stunning image of a Long Tongue bat licking nectar from a flower, while he was on vacation in Costa Rica.

John Hudson, 72, was the visit to a nature reserve, while on vacation and came across the bats by coincidence, reports SWNS. From there, he improvised shelter, and began capturing photos of the animals with their elongated tongues to enjoy the sweet nectar within.


Hudson said he spent three hours rolled taking the photos, a remarkable achievement, because bats are nocturnal and only feed at night.

John Hudson, 72, a semi-retired hypnotherapist, was the visit to a nature reserve late in the evening, when he came across the bats by chance. He spent three hours crouched in a makeshift hide for capturing the photos of the animals using their tongue to lap up the nectar. (Credit: SWNS)

“The shots were taken around 11 am somewhere in the highlands on a nature reserve in Costa Rica,” Hudson said in a comment that is obtained by SWNS.

He continued: “The bats are quite common to the country, but they are nocturnal so they are very difficult to photograph in the dark. The night before the sugar water was put in a feeder in the hope of catching hummingbirds to feed — but no one came.”

Hudson, who added that he’d traveled to the country to take photos of birds with his DSLR Canon 5D Mark IV, said he was very lucky and was surprised about what he would have been able to photograph.

The extraordinary snaps are almost never seen with the naked eye, because bats feed at night and are notoriously difficult to recognize. (Credit: SWNS)


“I’m an avid photographer since I was 14 and I have a particular interest in things like hummingbirds,” Hudson said. “You have to set the equipment up to trigger a photo automatically when a bat flies in, because you actually can’t see anything. When I saw what I had collected that I was amazed. They are a beautiful set of photos that are rarely seen.”

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