‘Increasing number of rats leads to more cases of Disease Weil’

‘Increasing number of rats leads to more cases of Disease Weil’

The number of cases of the tropical disease leptospirosis, better known as the Disease of Weil, is in recent years suddenly increased. This seems to be related to the increasing nuisance caused by rats.

That it appears from the figures that the NTR program, The Knowledge of Now has secured. In the broadcast of Thursday evening, more detail on the figures entered.

The RIVM has indicated the beginning of 2017 a research to want to start to the disease of Weil, because of the increase of the number of malaria cases.

Leptospirosis came before 2014, hardly in the Netherlands. But between 2014 and 2015, the number of cases from seven to sixty per year. Also in other European countries such as Germany, France and Belgium is an increase in the number of cases identified.

Pathogenic bacteria

Leptospirosis is transmitted by the brown rat. In many,especially large cities is the number of reports of nuisance caused by the animals increased.

Research in the hands of The Knowledge of Now, shows that half of all the brown rats in the Netherlands the disease of Weil carries. Their pathogenic bacteria through their urine into surface water or the mud and then through the mouth, nose, eyes or wounds penetrate in humans.

Weil-patients get high fever, loss of kidney and liver function, and sometimes meningitis or longbloedingen. Even after an effective antibiotic treatment they often suffer from vermoeidheidsklachten. Because the life-threatening infectious disease still as a disorder that only in tropical areas, prevents, recognition of general practitioners the symptoms often don’t or too late.

Notorious ziektebron

According to international Weil-expert Rudy Hartskeerl is quick alertness commandments. He expects a further increase in the coming years: the warming climate ensures that rats can more easily overwinter and their excreted bacteria survive longer in open water. That makes the rat according to him, “a notorious ziektebron, which is better in the holes must be kept”.

According to Hartskeerl, it is very desirable that general practitioners are better informed about the disease and are aware of the recent increase.

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