Inca child sacrifice victims came from all parts of the country, say scientists

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Children were sacrificed to the gods by the Incas, and could have come from different parts of the country, according to the researchers.

Researchers have discovered the remains of two of the children to be placed on the top of two volcanoes, Ampato and Pitchu Pitchu, according to a report published in Science in Poland.

The Inca believed that children were to be mediators between gods and men, according to bioarchaeologist She Socha, who works in partnership with the Center for Latin american Studies at the University of Warsaw, poland.

“The Incas saw it as the children are pure and untouched, their status was supposed to be easier to be able to convince the gods to make certain decisions,” he said.

The skull is that of a young boy out of the Ampato volcano, burnt up by the fire! Photo by david Socha
(Photo by david Socha)

In the case of a young girl whose remains were found on the Pichu Pichu, the researchers observed, it is a deliberate distortion of the head, which seemed to be extended. This practice has been used in the lowlands and on the coast, near the city of the Incan empire, but it is not in the mountains, the researchers said.

Socha is also of the opinion that this could mean that the girl came from a family that is in a very remote area.

For the purpose of determining the content of the soundtrack, which will be kept on hold, the scientists use X-rays.

She Socha at work. Photo by david Socha

Science in Poland, says that many of the objects found with the mummies, including gold, pins, ritual cups, and wooden objects, and gold piping.

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