‘Inauguration of a new president of the Gambia in Senegal because of unrest’

‘Inauguration of a new president of the Gambia in Senegal because of unrest’

Photo: AFP

The upcoming president of the Gambia, Adama Barrow, says that he Thursday afternoon at 16.00 hours (local time) in neighbouring Senegal, will be inaugurated.

In his own country is unrest occurred because president Yahya Jammeh refuses to leave. West African strijdtroepen in Senegal gathered to Jammeh to convince to resign. The deadline passed last night.

Senegal threatened to Gambia to drop in if Jammeh is not listening to the call. “We are ready and waiting for midnight. If there is no political solution, we fall within,” said a colonel of the Senegalese army. Nigeria says the own air force to have prepared, should it be necessary to resign to enforce.

Gambian president Jammeh accepts election results not

State of emergency

Jammeh refuses to accept his loss of the elections on december 1 to recognize, because he says that the elections are not fair manner. Jammeh announced a few days for the transfer of power to the state of emergency and try to use the election results void.

Oppositiekandidaat Barrow has the election won. He wants the economy on the rails and has promised an end to human rights violations in the country.

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This we know about the situation after the elections in the Gambia


The ministry of Foreign Affairs late to know that someone from the Dutch embassy in Senegal, I traveled to the Gambia to assist the Dutch in that country. The netherlands has no embassy in the Gambia.

The netherlands keeps the situation closely in the holes. The travel is currently code orange. At code red will the remaining citizens evacuated. Foreign Affairs let you know a plan ready, should the need arise. It is not known exactly how many Dutch people there in the Gambia.


Thursday in the early morning, the last two planes with holiday makers from the Gambia and landed at Schiphol airport. It is a unit of tour operator Corendon and a competitor TUI for people who have a package holiday booked with these organizations. Dutch nationals who only have a ticket booked, to be retrieved later.

The two Boeing 737-800 aircraft departed from the Gambiase capital Banjul to the Dutch that home wanted to pick up. Around 4.19 hours-landed the aircraft of Corendon in the Netherlands, and twenty minutes later was also on the plane of TUI on the ground.

The travel agencies had Wednesday multiple aircraft to the West African country for tourists to pick up, after the ministry of Foreign Affairs the travel advice had tightened. According to the Calamiteitenfonds have approximately 1,800 tourists their holidays prematurely.


Surely 26,000 people are the Gambia fled to Senegal left because they turmoil fear, according to the afghan refugee organisation of the United Nations. The organization relies on the figures of the Senegalese authorities.

“Until the night of 16 January there were 26,000 people. The influx has since increased sharply,” said Helene Caux UNHCR. According to her, it goes in 80 percent of the cases, for women with children.

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