In West Virginia, Nazi salute picture, is leading officials to plan the Holocaust

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In the wake of dozens and dozens of Corrections Academy, trainees are given a picture to appear on the display of a Nazi salute, which has led to dozens of fires, and widespread fury, the West Virginia plan to begin training corrections staff in the department that deals with the Holocaust, officials said on Tuesday.

A spokesman for the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety, told The Associated Press that the leader of the regional Anti-Defamation League, has agreed to the preparation of the training material and training courses. He said that the agency is “committed to taking all necessary actions in order to achieve this goal.”

The move comes a day after the Gov. Jim Justice has announced that more than 30 people seen in the photographs were being fired, together with their teacher. He made the announcement after a report was released that describes how to use the instructor’s “reveling” in the salutation, and encouraged the class to perform the movement. With four different instructors, will be suspended without pay.

“As I’ve said from the beginning, I will judge the photos of the training Class of 18, in the strongest possible terms,” the Justice, a Republican, wrote in a statement released by his office on Monday. “I’ve got to say that this law is necessary in order to cause a real impact, make connections and lay-offs. This type of behavior will not be tolerated on my watch-in any branch of the government.”


Several people have been fired or suspended in connection with a photo that appeared to show the corrections to the trainees to give a Nazi salute. The West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety)

The image, released to the public earlier this month, it turned out to be more than 30 people with their arms raised in a salute. In the section, ‘ Hail, Byrd!” the reference to the student, instructor, Karrie Byrd is visible on top of the group.

The state released a summary of its internal investigation, it appears that an unspecified number of trainees have started with the action to early in their training, “as a mark of respect for Byrd.

As soon as the other members of the class and began flashing the message.

Byrd, who was teaching the course on ” Cultural Diversity,” he told the researchers that they were “not at all aware of the historical and racial implications of this action and reported that it was just a party,” according to the summary.

In the research, multiple sources, contradictory, Byrd’s statements. Two of the other instructors told Byrd, and the class to which the movement is racist or not, but Byrd said there was nothing wrong with it, according to the report.

“The way it’s been done by Byrd’s knowledge,” the document read. “The investigation revealed that they will be encouraged, enjoyed and, sometimes, to reply to the gesture. In addition, Byrd was found to override the remedial actions to be taken by others, and of the cadets for the conduct to be reasonable.”

Byrd eventually was directed to her classroom, and to use the hand gesture while taking a photo of the group, even though the picture had to be taken multiple times, but not everyone is in the giving, the greeting, the report said. He added that 10 members have the right to object, Byrd explicitly directed to them in the act. Seven of the cadets, told the researchers that they have a stand so as to appear to adhere to Byrd’s question, but it is not right to mimic a Nazi salute — all of which can be seen in the photos will be released.

West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice on Monday approved the termination of the dozens of Corrections Academy, trainees are given a picture to appear on the show of a Nazi salute. (REUTERS/Al Drago)

After the photo is taken, the secretary asked Byrd what the students are doing, according to the report. The researchers wrote that Byrd was, “Look, there’s nothing wrong with that, we have people of all colors and backgrounds in the image, and each and every one of them.” Byrd then told the secretary to set the caption of the illustration: “Hail, Byrd,” and said, “that’s why they do it, because I’m a hardass like Hitler.”

In the end, the researchers found that the cadets will be displayed “poor judgment” but found no-one who took part in the action was discriminatory.

The report concluded: “There is no dispute that the Hail Byrd,” the gesture and the photo is very very very offensive, and the unheard-of occurrence, but the study found no evidence to suggest that there is good motivation for the idea that this is a discriminatory act towards a racial, religious, or ethnic group.”

Byrd is a little more than $36,000 from the state by 2018, according to the most recent available, the employee compensation records.


A voicemail message from the access point, it can’t be left at a number listed for Byrd in the public records.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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