In Utah, a Master, Officer Joseph Shinners comfort those in need, and loved by his community, the woman said

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Officer Joseph Shinners, was shot and killed during an attempt to get you to understand that a refugee in the netherlands on the 5th of January 2019 at the latest. Shinner has been a member of the Provo Police Department in Utah for three years and was posthumously promoted to the rank of Master police officer.

Master Officer Joseph Shinners returns home from a shift at the Provo Police Department, with a well-known story, to tell his wife.

The Utah cop and loved to interact with people, and sometimes he would go out and meet the need of shelter, in which case he would have to reach into their own wallets to help out.


“He was the man who was coming home from work, and told me several times that he has spent $60 that night, as we had a hotel room,” Kaylyn Shinners said at the funeral of her husband, who was shot and killed in the line of duty.

Shinners was the focus of Jan. 5 while it is trying to put in a “wanted fugitive” in the vicinity of a Bed, Bath & Beyond in Orem, about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City, Provo, authorities said.

Joseph Shinners in the picture, and his wife, Kaylyn, and their son, and their two dogs. “He was a good Father and a good husband,” Kaylyn said.
(With Thanks To Shinners Family


“When another officer tried to arrest the man in the car, and the suspect fought, and began to drive away with the officer,” the official release of the details of the incident are listed. “Officer, Shinners came to the aid of the officer, and went to the truck, fighting to get control of the suspect, his gun, covered the officer with his or her own body and was shot down.”

The epic series, the final, selfless act of service for the 29-year-old husband and father, that is, in the words of the woman, “did members of the police and the community.”

Kaylyn, ” she said, for the first time met Joseph smith, when she was 14-years-old. “He’s a total jokester, and he likes to joke around, smile, and laugh, and tease people,” she says.
(With Thanks To Shinners Family

Kaylyn Shinners, told Fox News she was 14-years-old when she met her future husband in junior high.

“He was my first kiss,” she said.

Shinners and his wife is added, something has changed in the last few years, but have always continued to a total jokester” who loved to laugh and tease people.”

Shinners, was posthumously awarded the Medal of valor, Law Enforcement Purple Heart to Master-an Officer’s rank after his death.
(Provo Police)

One of his favorite parts of his job as a police officer, Kaylyn says that he has not been allowed to have been “a very pro-active.”

“He found out that it is not a desk job, it was very much a hands-on,” she said. “He was on the bike team, he’s had that since he was so much closer to the people in the community. They were not afraid of him when they saw his cop cruiser to come by.”

Joseph Shinners and his family are pictured here during a Fourth of July parade last year. Kaylyn, ” he says of working on the bike patrol that day, was one of his favourite roles, with the Provo Police Department because he was able to get so much closer to the people in the community.”
(With Thanks To Shinners Family

Outside of work, Joseph Shinners loved sports, participating in football and hockey, even though he was often reduced to a spectator after picking up a yellow or a red card is on the field, or to be sent to the penalty box on the ice.

He was also very happy to be a new father. On the last night of his life, Shinners has spent his last moments at home, to hug his young son to go to sleep.

“He was a good father and a good husband,” Kaylyn said.

Joseph Shinners’ plaque, in the bottom right, at the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Wall.
(Provo Police)

Shinners, was posthumously awarded the Medal of valor, Law Enforcement Purple Heart to Master-the Officer in command. A plaque with his name on it, it is on the Utah Law Enforcement Memorial Wall located in the capital city of the state.

The flag that flew over the headquarters of the Orem Police Department on the night of Jan. 5, is provided and offered to the family, as a way of paying tribute to the officer who died, “the protection of the citizens of Provo, Orem and all of Utah.”

“It’s nice to know that you live in a good community, that is, they are only willing to give so much love and support to you,” Kaylyn said about the outpouring of support.

Kaylyn said on the night of the shooting, He spent his last moments at home, to hug his young son to go to sleep.
(With Thanks To Shinners Family


At his funeral, she called to Joseph, “my companion and partner for all eternity.”

“He’s had a good mix of confidence and humility that made him a pretty cool cop,” Kaylyn Shinners told Fox News. “He had a real love for his work, and he was really, really good at what he did. And for that I am grateful for that.”

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