In Utah, a man breaks into a house, make it your own, after the owner refused to sell it to him, reports

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A Utah man who allegedly had a design to make a house owner, it is targeted after he refused to accept “no” for an answer, in pursuit of his dream house.

The man, identified by local news reports, Andrew Blackwell, 25, is reported to have several times been spotted in a house in Salt Lake City in August, and has been warned by the police not to enter the premises. However, although the owner declined, He’s lowball, try to purchase the property, and the police have repeatedly been called on him, and He has continued to be in the home — and are said to be improvements.

An “aggressive person” was seen at the home on Aug. 30, to the theft of the items, in The Salt Lake City Tribune reported, noting that the police confronted the person and told him not to get in the house, or do something to change it up again.


However, the next day, He allegedly returned and, with the help of the tools inside the house. He approved the authorities before, he was told that he didn’t have permission to be in the house, and he was again warned not to run it.

A neighbor on Sept. 11 a report of a possible burglary in the dwelling-house, where the police are, once again, it was a man, KUTV reported. “He admitted that he had been cutting down the trees, bushes, and shrubs, and removed from, a refrigerator out of the house, and the newly installed deadbolts,” police wrote in charging documents.

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The plaintiffs claimed that the husband was the elderly female owner $90,000 for the house, and that “it is not likely that the area and the market.” The house is reported to have a market value of more than $363,000.

If the owner fails to respond to his offer, He allegedly went home and told her, “and he would be in the form of a document that is required to be owned by her.”

“The victim in this case, that of an older woman, out of fear of the police and what the suspect can do that,” the police stated.

He allegedly changed the locks to the house and shut the door with his own chain and lock on it. He was said to have been by e-mail to a police officer the next day to say he wanted to remove the plant from the woman’s yard, “just as long as it is in my case, it is important for the title to the house,” and asked for the officer’s help in trying to get the water turned on, “to complain…and that she doesn’t get in the water until he could prove that he was the owner of the property.”


The 25-year-old allegedly admitted to police that he had done the work in the garden and managed to get the power turned back on. He had told neighbors he was the owner of the house, and even got to help one of them move a refrigerator, the Tribune reported. He reportedly told a neighbor that he paid $5,000 for the front of the house, and the owner of the property.

He was charged with burglary and forgery, a crime of stalking, theft, criminal mischief, and three counts of criminal trespass. A warrant has reportedly been issued for his arrest on Friday.

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