In this way you prevent nightmares in children, through imagination and the use

In the hustle and bustle surrounding Christmas can be for children, and for quite a lot of tension, ensure. And this may be the all night express, in the form of (scary) dreams. GZ-psychologist, Arina de Vries, a specialist in sleep and sleep disorders, and explains what it is and how to capture the imagination of children can be used to get scary dreams and nightmares are to be avoided.

Whether you are young or not so young, you have dreams, we do it all. Also, if you’re there, the next morning, and none of you can even remember. Children will be able to from them around three years of age, their dreams – and to tell about it, says De Vries, ‘ GZ-psychologist at the Center for sleep medicine of the Kempenhaeghe.

“However, young children often find it difficult to distinguish between dream and reality. This distinction, children are able to take advantage from the age of nine,” says smith.

The dreams of children more than adults? “This is something that I don’t know for sure-to-be, she says. “There is very little research on dreams, but the children sleep longer than adults, making them relatively more REM sleep – the period of time during which we dream – it may well be the case.”

Dreams help to process the events

However, it is well known that three-quarters of the children have a nightmare, and one out of twenty children will have a weekly one. De Vries adds: “most of the time, it starts at around the age of 2.5 years up to about the age of fourteen, with a distinct peak in children between the ages of six and ten years of age. After that, the number of mares to back off.”

Dreams can be influenced by the things of the day done and in the process, according to smith.

A scary dream, or a nightmare, it can, therefore, be the result of a child’s day has gone through it. Other triggers can include: stress, anxiety, and traumatic experiences, but also with genetic factors and lack of sleep.

“If not enough of sleep is the REM sleep during the following sleep caught up with, which in turn leads to more intense and vivid dreams and sometimes even nightmares,” explains De Vries, off.

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What is stress, and nightmares of the night, have an influence on each other

When children are young, and have scary dreams, often have to deal with a recent and disturbing event, such as an injection, or a dog that is being jumped to. For the older children to play, impressive, and emotional events have also played a role, but they are games, movies, and other stressful conditions are often the cause of your problem.

The tensions surrounding the festival of st. nicholas can also certainly have a role to play, ” says smith. “That differs a lot according to the child. Children who are easily scared, are quicker to tense up the period of time around Christmas. This may be due to the fact there are a lot of unexpected things happen, or simply because they’re a little bit afraid of Sint and Piet.”

A predictable ritual that helps

You, as a parent, do something to make a scary dream, when you’re a child advocate? “You may be at risk in the first place, reduce it with a good slaaphygiëne,” explains De Vries, off.

A good slaaphygiëne:

  • At a fixed time to go to bed (and get up);
  • In a dark, quiet, and well-ventilated room;
  • A set slaapritueel;
  • Optionally, a blanket, and a small lamp with a soft light.

“Every night, the same predictable ritual allows your child to relax, fall asleep, and reduces the chance of having a scary dream,” explains de Vries, off. “This ritual is for example: preparing to go to bed, brush your teeth, eat, wash, have a story read to you, sing a song, and go to sleep.”

In addition, it is important to get enough sleep, worry, stress, and exposure to the strait, or promotional images are to be avoided.

Let your children’s imagination to use

Also, if your child wakes up at night from a scary dream, and De Vries’s advice: “Stay in the first place, it is quiet, and comfort to your child,” she said. “And to ask for it to be on nice things for you to think about it.”

What, according to her, the more you can do, especially when children have recurring scary dreams, which is about the same, the theme is children and their imagination. “Let your child draw a picture of your dream, and then the paper is verkreukelen and throw it away.”

– Or try to – work together for a good end to a scary dream, to come up with. If your child is dreaming of becoming one that is being chased by the monsters. Consider, for example, that if the child is in the back watching, it’s not the monsters turn out to be, but that sweet young pussy.

“You can even have together during the day to practice,” said smith. “If you have a child, then wake up during the night, you can put it into practice. As a child, and feels that it has more control and won’t be afraid.”

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