In this way the price of a bottle of wine is provided

In september of this year in the northern hemisphere, the wine harvest begins. It will take at least a couple of months, and sometimes years, to wait for the grapes to wine in the store to lie down. However, what ultimately determines the price of a bottle at the grocery store?

On average the Dutch consumer is at the grocery store for less than 3,50 euro, a bottle of wine, according to research by Nielsen. “It is, indeed, ridiculous little”, according to journalist in a newspaper Esmee Langereis. “By the way, much to the frustration of wine-making. It is very strange that we have to blink with for the coffee shop and bar is 5 euros for a designerkoffie changed hands, but the same amount may not be left in for a bottle of wine.”

A bottle of wine for the cost – with no wine in it – even a little more than 2.50 to produce, know Langereis, who is also a winemaker, it is. It is included in the price: bottle, cork, label, excise taxes, transport, margins in recent years. Langereis: “a bottle of wine 4,50 euro is 2 euro wine, a bottle of 6 euro 3.50 for wine. That’s almost twice as much, and you can taste it. Anything you spend more than 2.50, it is the quality of the wine.”

The cost of the wine itself, is dependent on several factors; the location, for example. “A hectare of land in the region of Champagne, costing more than € 1 million, in the south of France, do you already have a hectare of land for a 10,000 peak.”

The cost of the wine depends on, among other things, the location of the vineyard. (Source: Thinkstock)

Wine-making in Chile and in Spain, it is cheaper

Whether the grapes are hand-or machine-picked, and plays a role in this. “Hand-picking is of a good quality of the grapes, but it is, in any case, in many of the countries in Europe are more expensive. It is because in countries such as Chile, Spain, and Portugal, the wages are relatively low, they can a cheaper wine be produced. Supermarktwijnen are typically mechanically picked,” says Langereis.

A major cost is the transportation of wine in bulk. The wine is not bottled in the country of origin, but it is in a large container and filled it with juice, which is in the Netherlands filled in. “I loved it, but better is, it’s not.”

What determines the price of a bottle of wine?

  • Latest price of land of the vineyard
  • Grapes are harvested by hand or by machine
  • Sap, as the bulk is transported on site, or made available
  • The quantity of water to the roots
  • The way of pressing
  • Organic wine or not
  • Whether or not a (oak)wood containers

The choice between money and quality

As a winemaker does, therefore, still have a choice as to whether he can pay or quality should be compromised. This also applies to the press. “You can take the grapes and squeeze until there is nothing left to come out, or you can just have the first, the best juice to use. It is the first pressing of the olive oil. The yield per kilo of grapes, it is less clear, however, is probably the most fragrant.”

“If your vines are quite a lot of water and fertiliser, you will get all the great grapes of the where to much, but a watery juice in it,” says Langereis. “You can have this kind of plofdruiven wine, but not nearly as aromatic as the flavours of wine, a stick of their own water will have to search the place.”

“As a supermarktwijn of 350 euro for the wood to taste, go ahead and do it, that there was wood chips in the tank have been made.”
Esmee Langereis, journalist in a newspaper and be nominated by

Finally, the wine is organic or not? Langereis: “there are No pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers means increased chance of fungus and diseases and is, therefore, an unsuccessful harvest. In order for the grapevines to remain healthy, it is also in the country, more attention needs to be modified. This makes organic wine is more expensive.”

The difference in quality

And the wine in oak wooden barrels, it is aged for, the cost, of course, also have more than wine in a stainless steel tank as it is produced. A new barrel costs almost $ 1,000. If you have any new barrels are used, tap it, that’s good. 1 euro is added per flask. You can find a supermarktwijn of 350 to wood to taste like, go ahead and do it, but from wood chips in the tank have been made, as a tea bag.”

What is the meaning of all this for the price and the quality of the wine in the grocery store? Between 2.50 and 5 euros, it is the difference in quality is very big,” says Langereis. Between 5 and 20 euros, increasing the quality increases exponentially, because the price of the bottle of the wine, so that will remain the same. The difference in quality between a bottle of wine for 5 euro, and 20 euro will be enormous. On top of the 20 euro goes up, the quality was less. A bottle of 25 or 50 euro, I would have the same taste.”

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