In the studio with Black Box Revelation: ‘The need to be in our bubble to creep was not there’

Black Box Revelation delves into the studio for the recording of their new album. Knack Focus went to listen for a moment.


Location: Studio 2000, Overijse

Recording time: 2 months

Producer: Black Box Revelation

Title: not yet

Release: autumn

Their previous album, Highway Cruiser, took the Black Box Revelation in six days in Queens, New York (with Amy Winehouse guitarist Thomas Brenneck of the buttons). For their fifth, yet-untitled album they moved to the less exotic Overijse. ‘The need to be in a bubble to crawl, there was not this time,” says frontman Jan Paternoster, who is not a spiritual band with the conscious Studio 2000 in which it stands here. “The guitars on top of me, I haven’t even touched. No, we just wanted a place close by, available for single sessions, each lasting a few days, and that over a longer period of time.’

The production of Paternoster and Dries Van Dijck are themselves taken care of. ‘After eleven years, we can do that. Our sound engineer – he lives close to the studio is our only sounding board. The big advantage of this way of working: we have all the time and only need to go to our own diary. That gives a much freer feeling.”

And that bears fruit. ‘In comparison with our other work, that we are always in a shorter period of time have recorded, is there now more space to think about the structure of numbers. I think that we on this plate also gelaagder will sound, that we have different sides of ourselves to show. We even had time to track all the way to throw, such as that which you me at this photo to zangtakes see the work.’ That song is about sex. In two ways. ‘The original version is slow stonerrock. The second is faster, a little bit of pop. We are not sure yet what we feel is best.’

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