In the midst of the ‘Medicare for all” debate in the US, UK, alarm, historical waiting lists

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Even Democrats are to take note of the estimated price-tag. Dr. Vin Gupta weighs in.

As a “Medicare-for-all” has dominated the debate in America, the Democratic presidential primary, a new report published by the British government on its National Health Service, or NHS, provides a warning on the disadvantages of a single-payer system.

The report on the state NHS system in England, published in the last month, to increased details of waiting times for services ranging from emergency room visits in the treatment of cancer. And the study reported in historical lists, with a total of about 4.5 million people, 40 per cent in five years wait for treatment with specialists.

“Cancer waiting times the worst on record explained,” the report said.

An American “Medicare-for-all” system would be different in a number of ways, from the British NHS system. Especially in the UK, the doctors and nurses of the government-paid employees and institutions are mostly led by the government, while the “Medicare for all” plans in the game would, in essence, the government is responsible for the payment for privately run health care.

But the NHS has long been celebrated as a successful example of government health care by a number of Democrats and left activists to run. The single-payer-health plans, reinforced by top Democratic 2020 competitors Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren caught attention has released in the last few days, according to Warren its long-awaited plan last week.

Critics in the United States have said that Warren ‘ s price-control proposals could lead to bottlenecks, similar to that in England.

“Funny, she proposes that the savings from the ‘restoration of the health-care competition,” The Wall Street Journal said in an editorial on Sunday. “Because everyone needs a good insurance policy to have is,” she says, ” providers compete on better care and lower waiting times, more patient.’ But if the government controlled all prices and allowances, the incentives to competition at all?

“There’s a reason every national health system in the world rations care. Mrs Warren did not admit this explicitly with your beautiful new health world, but it comes close.”

The report on the NHS system in England, published last month, finds that meets its performance standards in a variety of statistical categories. For example, in September of this year, 15 percent of emergency Department patients times of more than four hours of waiting experienced prior to admission or dismissal. The system’s stated goal is to keep this number at 5 percent. Also, wait and see, for the treatment of cancer is the worst on record and a waiting list for consultant-led treatment are at their highest ever.

“In August 2019, 78.5% of patients were treated within 62 days of urgent [General practitioner] reference,” the report says that the cancer is wait and see for the first time. “During the years of 2018 and 2019, with record low performance against this target. The target of 85% a month was exceeded for all but since April 2014.”

A chart of the British House of Commons shows increased wait times for the “accident and emergency” care in English hospitals over time.
(House of Commons)


Patients whose family doctor refers you to a consultant, the report, the waiting times longer.

While the report is largely negative, he takes some positive indicators — including an increase in the number of doctors and nurses in the last few years.

The British NHS provides health care for all for no cost at the time of delivery, similar to what Sanders and Warren goal with “Medicare for all.” It is financed by General taxes, which means every taxpayer chips in the Fund program.

A surgical team preparing a patient before performing a surgery in the Milton Keynes University hospital in Milton Keynes, central England, UK, 23. May 2018. A recent report shows England the NHS system and some of its standards waiting with regard to the times of the patients.


How Fox News first reported, Warren on Friday outlined a plan that costs $52 trillion over the next ten years, including $20 trillion in new spending — largely covered by a series of taxes on corporations, the wealthy, and employers in General.


A report from the Committee for a Responsible Federal budget released a report last week that said it would Finance the “impossible”, so, a plan with taxes for the rich.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw and Brooke Singman contributed to this report.

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