In the meantime, 70% of Venice is under water due to flooding

The heaviest floods in Venice over the last fifty years, is now about 70 per cent of the Italian city is under water. The world-famous st. Mark’s square, is closed because of water up to knee level does.

The mayor mr Luigi Brugnaro, says that the damage done to the city has increased up to 1 billion euros. The buildings have been damaged, flooded sewers make for an unsanitary situation.

In accordance with the local authorities, the water rose on Friday to a height of 1.54 metres. Pictures on social media, it is time to see how the rising water again, shops and hotels, the access.

The mayor made earlier this week, climate change is blamed on the ever-growing vloedwateren in Venice, italy. To estimate the water into the city, on average, 20 centimetres higher than a century ago.

Flooding In Venice

In the Italian city of Venice, will be affected by the heaviest floods since 1966.
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Some of the tourist attractions, including the world-famous st. Mark’s square, in connection with the flood waters ended.
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Tourists will be able to be located in the centre of the city to move on a wooden pallet.
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A state of emergency is proclaimed all over Italy

On Thursday, it announced that in Italy the state of emergency in Venice, italy. There is a noodbudget will be made available, that individuals have the damage up to eur 5,000, and the companies damages up to $ 20,000 for the refund to get.

Is expected to be in the water during the weekends, which is not higher than 1.20 meters. Under normal conditions, tides from 80 to 90 cm as seen as an a high, but manageable.


Why Venice is often flooded, and what they are going to do about it)


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