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A New York mother whose son was killed in a traffic accident is outraged, politicians ended their 2018 meeting Thursday to renew without you-speed-cameras – but had time for fun and games at the state capitol.

Amy Cohen lost her son, Samuel Cohen Eckstein, in the year 2013, as the 12-year-old was hit by a van and killed as he crossed a street in Brooklyn.

“You should be ashamed of themselves,” Cohen CBS New York said. She was especially angry legislators’ silly antics surrounding state sen. Simcha Felder, a Democrat who votes with the Republicans.

Although there was no vote on important issues such as sports betting, revenge-porn and weapons in schools, fields s GOP colleagues, the time, the Band Threw it Reserved to a chair with a sign marked “[sic] in 2019,” in an attempt to have him continue to vote with them in the conference for the next parliamentary term.

Lawmakers’ inaction on speed means that the devices are turned off in 140 New York City school zones next month.

“Hundreds and hundreds of their voters, they have written letters. We hope that you will take the time to read,” Cohen, called fields, who represents the district where Sammy was killed, during an Albany lobbying trip last week, as she waved the letters at him.

State Sen. Simcha Fields

Fields would not be threw the letters, Cohen the Brooklyn legislator, as he was in an Elevator.

“I’ve read some of those,” he said.

@NYSenatorFelder was taped to his chair and is “Reserved in 2019 Threw.”

— Sean Ewart (@Sean_S_Ewart) June 20, 2018

The city’s Department of Transportation says the speed cameras 17 percent less meant injured, and 55 percent fewer fatalities.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said the Senate was at a standstill to the speed of the camera is a Problem and the cameras need to be operational before school starts.

“I think it would be a joke, if the Senate is not, make sure that the speed cameras are due to the re-September,” he said, according to CBS. “I’ll bring you back at any time on a moment’s notice.”

“I think the Senate is 100 percent wrong. It is an abrogation of their responsibility,” Cuomo said.

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