In the Amazon, fish is ‘bullet proof vest’ is a tank protection

to connectVideoPiranha teeth, above all, other researchers are a great discovery

Piranha’s teeth to stun, researchers at the University of Washington after their amazing discovery.

They are some of the most deadly creatures in the water, with the razor-sharp teeth, capable of cutting meat is easy, but to catch a fish in the Amazon river basin, has a “bullet proof vest” to protect himself from the piranha’s’ the nasty bite.

Researchers have been described in detail for the first time, and the armor of the fresh water fish, known as Arapaima gigas. The fish has a strong, albeit flexible, the inner layer is bound to the collagen to mineralize the outer layer of the scale. In addition, the A. gigas can weigh more than 300 pounds (150 kg), and exceed 10 feet in length.

“Even bullet-proof vests are made from multiple layers of flexible webbing sandwiched between two layers of a hard plastic,” according to a statement, together with a description of the findings. However, man-made materials can be bonded by using a third adhesive material, and while the fish scales are to be bound at an atomic level, they can grow together, weaving into a solid piece.”

Diver Alex Reeson controls, the Arapaima, or Pirarucu fishing in the tropical part of Europe’s largest fresh-water aquarium of Aquatis. (REUTERS/Denis Balibouse)


“There’s a window may appear strong and solid, but it does not show. If something is trying to puncture the glass, it would shatter,” said one of the study’s co-authors, Robert Ritchie, in a statement. “As to the nature and binds of a rigid material, a soft material, trademarks, and the occurrence of these devastating effects. In this case, the connecting structure is mineralized collagen.”

“It is true that the natural armor is the similar with artificial body armor or because of a similar scale to the overlapping of the system. However, the natural armor, such as fish scales, as it is tough and much lighter, without the hindrance of body flexibility and movement,” the study’s lead author, Wen-Yang, said in an interview with Reuters.

The researchers said that it is the resistance of the fish to the surface ” indicate[s] that they are one of the toughest in the nature of flexible organic materials,” says the study’s abstract.

They are some of the most deadly creatures in the water, with the razor-sharp teeth, capable of cutting the flesh easily. (Photo: Andrew O’reilly/Fox News)

“Let’s not forget that the fish scales have been developed through hundreds of millions of years,” Yang continued. They are very, very advanced.”

The study has been published in a scientific journal, and has been supported by the u.s. Air Force Office of Scientific Research.

In a separate study, published in August, is a look at how they, who are omnivores, are able to regenerate the rows of teeth at the same time. The teeth, as well as making them act as a single unit, the researchers discovered.


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