In Texas, the hotel clerk, 21, the pull is incredibly long, solo, shift, in the middle of Imelda flood, ” He is our hero

to connectVideoTropical storm Imelda brings to the catastrophic floods in south-east Texas

Hundreds of residents remain displaced from their homes.

As a young hospitality worker in Texas has been earning the praise for the running of a hotel, and after a severe flood caused by Tropical Storm Imelda on the left guests stranded in the hotel.

There, Smith, a 21-year-old student at Lamar University, was working at the Holiday inn in Beaumont at 3 p.m. on Sept. 18, but rising water is quickly buried and the access road, as well as a portion of the I-10 to the left of Smith’s co-workers, there was no way to get it to work.

Smith, however, turned out to be willing to step up to the challenge, and went to the hotel for stranded guests comfortable in any way he could.

“There has been here the whole night,” a guest, Angela, Chandler, wrote in a heartfelt post shared on Facebook. “His colleagues were not able to go to work, so he stayed. He has manned the phones and answered all of our questions, and made sure that we had a hot cup of coffee or tea and helped to serve us a full hot breakfast.

“He has handled this situation with grace, kindness and a beautiful smile on his face,” Chandler added.


Smith, who has been working at the Homewood Suites for over a year now, ” he said, for the first time, his colleagues could not make up for her night shift around 7 p.m., according to the KIDY.

“And when the morning came, and I was the only one there, and everyone was waiting in the room,” he said.

In the morning, guests will be offered to help with volunteering in order to help with the breakfast, while the others washed dishes or cleaning the dining room. In the midst of the storm, and some of them even offered to brave the elements to get bottles of water to stranded drivers in the vicinity of the I-10.

“We have also invited a few people from other hotels come to eat because they ran out of food,” Smith said, per KIDY, who explains that the guests would help him with the cooking of the evening meal as well.

When an employee finally came out to relieve him of his duties, it was, on Friday, Sept. 20, and Smith’s, celebrated by taking a nap, and then go back right and get back to work.

Smith manned the reception desk, answer enquiries, attend to the alarm and helped get us a hot breakfast every morning and dinner for bed and breakfast guests.
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“As you know, There, to tell him that he is our hero!” Chandler wrote in her Facebook post. “What’s an example of how to handle yourself in a crisis situation! Goodness gracious!

“I will stay here the next time, just the knowledge that, in spite of no matter what happens, I will have someone to provide our needs above his own needs. Thank you Satchel, for taking care of us here at the Hampton in Beaumont.”

The general manager of the hotel has also been praised Smith’s actions.

“I wasn’t sure how good it is, it would be a crisis,” said Alanna Hall, who is also the operations manager of the hotel, in a statement to USA Today. “But he did a great job.”


Heavy rains and flash floods triggered by Imelda has led to the destruction of hundreds of homes. Five deaths have been linked to the storm.
(Jennifer Reynolds/The Galveston County Daily News, via AP)

Severe flooding, caused by Imelda the first to hit parts of east Texas on Thursday in Houston, texas and the surrounding areas. Hundreds of homes and other buildings in the Houston area have been damaged by the water. So far, the authorities have linked five deaths to the storm, believed to be one of the wettest tropical cyclones in the nation’s history.

Fox News’ Nicole, Darrah, and David Aaro contributed to this report.

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