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It is not always easy to get the wood for the trees. Sustainable fashion shopping in Flanders is possible, but you need to know where you should be. We help fans of fair trade and ecological fashion like on the road with this card full of sustainable shopadresjes.

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A sustainable wardrobe building do not happen overnight. Those who strive for a sustainable wardrobe in the first instance less to go shopping, but also when shopping, consciously think about his or her purchases. Luckily, there are in Flanders some excellent places where sustainable fashion brands you can find. Give it a visit and let us surprise you with collections of fashion brands that are fair trade and the environment are of paramount importance wear.

This list is supplemented.

Fashion Revolution

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  • A pioneer in sustainable sportmode: ‘With Pure by Luce, I want a gap in the market filling’
  • ‘Transparency is one of the most difficult subjects for the fashion industry’
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