In square cases, he is within a few weeks, at the rehabilitation center

The Uzbek acrobat Kristina Vorobeva, at the beginning of January, falling from a height of 10 meters, it made for a show at the Carré theatre, is going to within one to two weeks at a rehabilitation centre in the Netherlands. They will try to get as quickly as possible and return to her home in Berlin, ” says circusproducent and Monica Strotmann, from the Stardust Holding company, on Monday at

He was, along with her husband, Rustem Osmanov, a fall in the Wereldkerscircus. In the act, the Sky of Angels, the duo is on a harness in the air, in the afternoon. The man was holding the harness with his mouth, but then, when one of the teeth broke off, fell on the two 10-meter at the bottom. The show was immediately stopped and the audience was led out.

Because of the fall, the woman, the feeling in her legs is gone. That feeling has returned, and even though she was still unable to walk, she made her legs move again. She had surgery on her neck, and there are screws in between the vertebrae are placed.

The wife is staying one more week (or two) at the medical center, where she was treated, and then transferred to a rehabilitation facility, where the place is. According to Strotmann, it is not clear how long the recovery is going to take a while. The man’s mother, he also, in Amsterdam, the netherlands. Stardust Holding an apartment for you and those rented from the city centre.

Osmanov is undergoing in accordance with the circusproducent an “intensive process” with the dentist to get his teeth in to recover from the fall, much of the damage occurred.

Whether the duo will return to the circus, it is still not clear.

70Carré was evacuated after the accident, when Wereldkerstcircus

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