In recent years, frequent shortage of medicines in 2017

The number of times that a medication in the Netherlands temporarily or permanently not available, according to apothekersorganisatie KNMP last year further increased to 769.

That are 5 percent more cases than the year before, turns out on Monday, and figures of the organization. In 2017, the number of cases with 3 percent.

“It is mopping with the tap open. Patient and pharmacist have daily huge burden”, says Gerben Small Nulent, chairman of the KNMP.

“The patient regularly receives a different box, because the pharmacist have to turn to an alternative,” says Small Nulent.

Eye-catching deficits in 2018, were the contraceptive pill and the using levodopa/carbidopa to patients with Parkinson’s disease. The pill was a long three months of limited availability, because the deliveries hampered.

Continue to beat verslavingsartsen alarm when refusal was not available. The remedy for alcohol addiction is now temporarily available, but the stock is not large. Also, there were, according to the KNMP often shortages of oogpreparaten and antibiotics.

Deficits have to do with law and preferentiebeleid

The growing deficits have according to the industry association to, among other things, the Law geneesmiddelenprijzen and the so-called preferentiebeleid of health insurers. As a result, the prices the past few years, “greatly decreased”.

For medicijnfabrikanten, the Netherlands is in accordance with the KNMP therefore not an attractive market. “They keep their inventories deliberately low and in the case of an interruption in the production process arise quickly deficits.”

At the so-called preference-designated medicines is only one cheap medicine reimbursed by the insurer.

In accordance with the KNMP take the deficits since 2010. The deficit run this year is expected to fall further. “We still don’t know how the Brexit going to extract, but this can also cause problems,” says Small Nulent.

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