In order TO investigate the racism in ‘ s-hertogenbosch, the trainer makes a declaration, after a threat

The Public Prosecutor’s office (OM) in the East of the netherlands has on Monday announced an investigation into the events at the football game between FC Den Bosch and Excelsior on Sunday. It also has a trainer, ” Erik van de Ven, van Den Bosch reported to the police because of the threat.

It will work with the police in Oost-Brabant are looking for the first round of the Excelsior player Was Following a Touch in the match and in the Kitchen in the Champion Division on Sunday.

“We want to let you know that this is our focus” said a spokesman of the front “The police and the footage is going to look at it to see what exactly happened and who is responsible for it.”

The competition, which is in a 3-3-tie came out on top, but in the first half, more than a quarter of an hour to shut down after racist slogans to be heard at the address of the Following Series. “It was in the very first minute all of in person. Then there was the ‘k-black’, ‘k- ‘plan’, ‘katoenplukker’ and ‘Black Pete’ I said. That gives me a lot of pain,” said a Canadian subject at the end.

The Dutch fa (KNVB) stated Sunday evening that the arbitrator Laurens Gerrets, the protocol is correct, was to run through the game to shut down. From the political got to be the referee in the future, his course of action.

Trainers Of of Of sleep at home because of the threats

Van de Ven last night and not slept at home because of the threats to, and did, on Monday reported it to the police. For the sake of the research, FC Den Bosch, content to wait for details as to the nature of the threat.

Van de Ven went on Monday back to the club to train and lead. He then proceeded to personally go to Rotterdam to get him to take it back and offer it to Following Series.

The 35-year-old coach refused, on Sunday, in a first reaction after the race is something to be said about the shut-down of the game. Van de Ven claimed to find a statement on the club face.

The Bosch was reported initially of this statement is that there is no evidence of racism, and that it is only “kraaiengeluiden” can be heard from the stands. Later, on Sunday, announced that the province of the club to demand an investigation into possible racism in the setting.

Mendes-Moreira, shout after you have hit the stands for The last year-to the fans that he is more racist, they would have sung. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

Van de Ven and called the Following Series “sad little man”

Van de Ven, called Mendes Moreira, after the match, as a “pathetic little man”. The trainer later wished we hadn’t.

“It wasn’t so much the fact that he was being attacked and felt it, but all the more so because he scored a provocative question to our fans was. I thought that was not a smart move, because the game had already been shut down. This is the reason why I said that, and that is, in retrospect not a smart move,” said Van de Ven.

“It wasn’t for that kid to deal with them, because it seems to me to be a very kind-hearted and outstanding young man. I didn’t have to say it, but it is at this point, however, is a bit over-inflated. I stand behind the Following Series, which is 100 percent of the time.”

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