“In less meat-eating is a man is often a obstacle, hybridevlees helps

As a citizen, which is composed of ground beef and chick peas, and a steak, pork, and cauliflower. Will 2020 be the breakthrough for the hybridevlees? This would, we think, predict experts in the field.

Foodtrendwatchers mentioned earlier, at the hybridevlees as one of the foodtrends for this year. However, it is a product which is partly of vegetable and partly animal, is far from new. Over the past two decades, many manufacturers hybridevleesproducten on the market. Usually to no avail.

Jeroen Willemsen, founder of the Green Protein (Alliance) estimates that over the last ten years, no less than ten releases have been great. “Don’t forget that a lot of the meat products in the grocery store, such as a burger or a breaded chicken schnitzel, vegetable-based ingredients and is, therefore, also a hybrid.”

Reduce the amount of meat to eat

The time has come for the hybridevlees? “It will be a time to learn,” said Willemsen. “It’s definitely an easy way to reduce the amount of meat to eat. We come to realize more and more that it is best to use a little bit less.”

Also, foodtrendwatcher Edna Mosch, of Vision on Food and see all the opportunities for hybridevlees. “Since the introduction of the Vegetarian Butcher, and more recently, Beyond Meat’s population is less meat to eat more of your life with the people.”

“To reduce the amount of meat to eat, the husband is often the biggest hurdle.”
Femke Mosch, foodtrendwatcher

The main difference between a meat replacement that hybridevlees in the vleesschap to be found. “A lot of consumers will never stop at the counter with meat substitutes. The producers are aiming hybridevlees, especially in people who have regular potatoes, meat, and vegetables. And in our country is still very, very much.”

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Not only multinational companies and large supermarket chains with hybridevlees. In the province of Drenthe, the vlegabal has been developed. The meatball contains 30 per cent less meat, thanks to the use of protein-rich beans in the region.

The vlegabal according to germany and the united kingdom Hoekstra, the Nature Milieufederatie Drenthe, which is also one of the originators of the ball, is not only beneficial for your health, but it is also a good example of the circular economy. “With all of the ingredients are sourced from our own soil. And as a product in its own region of the world. This is what we need in the future is a lot more to go.”

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Willemsen, in turn, also have a look at what the eiwittransitie is going to translate it into our diet. “We are seeing at the moment is that the hybrideleefstijl up-and-coming. People are opting more and more for a day without eating meat. This is a different – and, for some consumers, may be a better feeling than when you have a little bit of meat to eat, in the form of a hybrideburger.”

Think about the function of the fruit

To reduce the amount of meat to eat, the husband is often the biggest obstacle, know, Mosch. “Hybridevlees in that case, it’s the best of both worlds. In terms of flavor and texture similar to the meat. However, the vegetable ingredient is added value.”

For a sausage with the spinach, and pass through it to consumers, according to Mosch, not hot. “Then you might as well be a sausage with a scoop of spinach, and next to it the road to do that.” And predict they are the next step. “”In lieu of a hybrideproduct people will start to think more about the role of the market. They are going to reduce the amount of meat to eat, and bake, there are, for example, the mushrooms in this area.”

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