In Iran, British oil tanker involved in the accident, with an Iranian fishing boat

The iranian seized oil tanker Stena, Impero, was involved in an accident with a fishing vessel ignored the calls for help, reports the Iranian news agency Fars on behalf of the port authority.

The tanker and its 23-strong crew are currently in port of Iran, Bandar Abbas, and will remain there until the investigation is complete, according to Fars. “The ship has been involved in an accident with an Iranian fishing boat. When the fishing boat is a distress signal sent out was that of the British ship to be ignored,” said Allahmorad Afifipour on behalf of the port authority against the Fars.

The ship, with crew members from India, israel, Russia, Latvia, lithuania, and the Philippines to the board was a Friday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard corps (IRGC) are forced into Bandar Abbas, and to abandon.

According to the Swedish shipping company Stena Bulk, of the owners of the membership details, Impero, held in the tanker, however, are sent to all of the rules. The owner of the vessel, stated that the membership details Impero “was approached by a small craft, without any additional features, and a helicopter, while the ship is in international waters in the Strait of Hormuz to enter”.


Olietankercrisis: Why is the strait in Iran’s interest?

The tensions in the Persian Gulf, running at a high speed

Over the past few weeks, tensions in the Persian Gulf, considerably for the customer. There have been several oil tankers being sabotaged and attacked. The United States will hold Iran responsible.

Last week, it was announced that the then Us president, Donald Trump, on the last armed action against Iran, it would have stopped. The action would be in retaliation for the shooting down of a U.s. drone over the strait.

At the beginning of the month to put the United Kingdom on an Iranian oil tanker, with the Grace of One to the chain in new zealand. The oil tanker that was detained because of European sanctions, it would have to have been violated by the crude oil in the direction of Syria, though. Friday night, it was decided that the ship will have thirty days to keep track of, is probably a reaction to the seizure of the Onboard Impero.

The IRGC responded initially furious at the incident, and threatened publicly with the concern. In the united states, with the UK as an ally in the international coalition set up to improve safety in the Gulf, needs to be strengthened. Also in the Netherlands, has been officially invited to be a contributor.


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