In germany compulsory vaccination against measles, mumps,

For German children, and a vaccination against measles is mandatory. Starting in march of 2020, all children should have the injection before using it for the first time, go to school or daycare, so that was decided-the German cabinet on Wednesday.

Parents who are in the call result in a fine of up to € 2,500. Their child may also be denied to a school or day care, says Der Spiegel. Also, for staff, schools, parents, human resources for health, and the staff in the camps, the vaccination is compulsory.

The children, who all go to school, and if the law for next year is to have more time for the medication to reach it no later than July 31, 2021, a proof of vaccination to the show. A doctor’s note stating that they are already in the center have had to count as well.

“We want to have as many children as possible from a mazeleninfectie”, stressed the minister of Health, Jens Spahn (CDU) out. In Germany last year, 543 mazelengevallen have been reported. In the first nine months of this year, there were more than a hundred.

2017 had, owns 97.1 per cent of German school kids on their first mazelenprik, and 92,8 per cent, the second vaccination. In order to have the virus under control and to have a coverage of at least 95 percent is needed, according to the world health organization (WHO).

In the Netherlands, the mazeleninenting is not required. Rate varies by region, but is, on average, approximately 92 percent of the time.


A lot more at risk from measles in Europe, and This has been going on


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