In Flanders, grown Yacon may next year available

In Flanders, grown yacon, a Andesknolgewas that even if zonnewortel or appelwortel known, likely next year on the store shelves. Also the processing industry is interested in the tuber after blanching and pasteurizing crispy remains, as is heard at the Provincial research Centre for vegetable crops (PCG) in Kruishoutem.

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Yacon, a crunchy root vegetable with a flavor reminiscent of watermelon, though on a limited scale, grown by growers in West – and East Flanders and in Limburg. “It’s going to crops on a small scale, with manual harvesting and marketing in the short chain,” says Annelien Tack, researcher openluchtgroenten (PCG). “Next year, we put in on marketing and we also want to look at or that cultivation has the potential to processing and industry.”

In the PCG Kruishoutem find all of several years of field trials are taking place with the Andesknol. “In the past few years, we have seen that there are easy gains between 30 and 50 tonnes per ha can be achieved, depending on the growing season and how early you can start.”

Also sweet potato

Also with sweet potato (sweet potato) was experimented. A first dome was at the end of August already harvested, with a yield of 10 to 20 tonnes per ha. “If we have the full season can kick off, then that is cultivation for different varieties profitable. Sweet potato is a daglengtegevoelige plant. The knolvorming is going when the days get shorter.”

The centre also continues his research into herbs and edible flowers further. “Growers are asking for new species to grow in the ornamental plant to be used, are edible and, therefore, also have potential. It includes different types of salvia and agastache.” (Belga)

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