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The corona virus has coincided with a significant decrease in nitrogen dioxide over China, according to NASA and the authorities to make more and more people are under quarantine, and companies will be closed in the middle of the battle.

A pollution-monitoring satellites operated by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) has been discovered in the fall that two-month span, according to a news release. The drops coincide with the beginning of the lunar New year, which was unusually tame, because many people decided to stay indoors rather than risk being infected.


“This is the first time I see such a dramatic drop-off over such a large area for a special event,” said Fei Liu, an air quality researcher at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, usa.

Nitrogen dioxide levels in China decreased dramatically as China continues to grapple with the corona virus outbreak.

In January, the Chinese government blocked several towns and cities, and close to all transport links to and from the city of Wuhan, in the center of the outbreak.

The reduction of the pollutants is shown in the two maps produced by the space agencies. The first one shows a high concentration of nitrogen is higher than that in Beijing, and in the vicinity of Wuhan, Jan. 1) to (20), for a term of office, placed in quarantine have been issued.

The second, dating from the end of February. From 10 to 25 in the same area. Virtually no nitrogen dioxide will be displayed.

The Extra cards in Wuhan, are in comparison to January and February of 2019 to the same month of the year. High concentrations of nitrogen dioxide will be in the city by 2019. Almost no-one seems to be in the updated image.

Nitrogen dioxide levels in China decreased dramatically as China continues to grapple with the corona virus outbreak.

Barry Lefer, a NASA scientist, has said that the pollution usually fall around the Lunar New Year holiday, with many companies and factories have been closed down. The levels usually increase after the ceremony.


“This year’s decrease is larger than that in the last couple of years and it has taken longer,” She said. “I’m not surprised, because a lot of cities nationwide have set up the appropriate measures in order to minimise their spread of the virus.”

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