In Catalan, the ex-prime minister Puigdemont and reports for the Belgian authorities

The Catalan separatistenleider Carles Puigdemont, has himself, on Friday is reported to the Belgian authorities, so as to report in Belgian media on Friday. The supreme court issued, Monday, a new warrant of arrest for the exiled ex-prime minister’s office.

The arrest followed the conviction of nine of Catalan politicians. They are, by the Spanish supreme court sentenced all around the illegal onafhankelijkheidsreferendum in 2017, and were given prison sentences of up to thirteen years of age.

After the referendum was a disagreement between the Spanish and the Catalan governments. Since there is no convention was called Puigdemont, on the 27th of October is the independence from. The government then took control in Catalonia and over again.

Supporters of an independent Catalonia, to protest, in Barcelona, spain. (Photo: Reuters)

Spain requested that the relevant authorities in order to surrender

Puigdemont, fled after the Catalan referendum is to go abroad in order to avoid prosecution. It was in the last years in voluntary exile in Brussels, belgium.

The separatistenleider were in Germany arrested, but was released because of the country’s Puigdemont just wanted to perform for the misuse of public funds. Spain is the leader for sue’s rebellion.

Now, Puigdemont has been reported to the Belgian authorities, which focus on the application of the country of Spain. Until that time, Puigdemont on the terms and conditions released, he is allowed to make the decision in the freedom to wait and see, but it should be available to the court, and can not be without permission to leave.


Police to seize hard, not in the Catalan protest in Barcelona

The sentencing is causing unrest in the past

Following the decision of the supreme court, is to be restless in the region of Catalonia. He had thousands and thousands of people on Monday gathered at the airport for the warrant of arrest for Puigdemont to be in.

On Friday, again, turmoil is expected in the area. Two of the unions, who are for the independence of Catalonia, the citizens are called on to the streets against the ruling of the Catalan politicians to be in.


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