“In a world of abundance it is a shame that Wereldhongerdag still exists’

May 28, according to Broederlijk delen-employee Catherine Suetens an important reminder for political office: ‘Hunger is a political problem with a political solution.”

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Today, on Wereldhongerdag, we put the hunger of the world in the spotlight. It is a ‘holiday’ is unique in its kind, because the United Nations want to be as quickly as possible. That we should deduce from the second sustainable design goal, which aims to, by 2030, hunger final the world to help.

Unfortunately, we are not really on the right track to that goal. Hunger is the past few years, increased again, to almost a billion people. On top of that two billion people are malnourished. Strange still, in a world where we produce sufficient food for ten billion people to eat? The last time I came home, was the counter of the world population at 7.5 billion.


“In a world of abundance it is a shame that Wereldhongerdag still exists’

What happens with the extra food produced is not really a secret. A third of them never comes on our board. There is food lost at the store, during transport, in the manufacturing industry, in restaurants and supermarkets, but also in our own kitchen.

In addition, we use food that is suitable for human consumption to make their cattle fat, to fatten. Efficient is not. Against that beast land on our plates, it has been four (chicken) to fourteen (beef) times more calories of plant foods eaten over the provide. Also crops grown for biofuels, we eat. Still palms them land in which food can be grown. But it is worth it, because they are better for the climate, we think we have, or at least for our peace of mind.


Hunger is a political problem with a political solution

More and more are we as citizens rightly pointed out the consequences of the choices we make in the supermarket. Or even better, by the food team, the local (reap)farm or the fair trade shop. As citizens, we can indeed have a piece of mind affect the market. Together, we can demand products that have a smaller ecological impact and that a fairer price for the farmer to guarantee increase. But that individual responsibility absolves the government, not the hare. On the contrary.

Our various governments are obliged to ensure that all citizens healthy and safe food at an affordable price can consume. That is a basic right of all people. Worldwide. Food is not a commodity like a car, a phone or a carpet, which allows you to make a profit, but the basis of all life.

In order to meet their obligations, the different governments – Flemish, Belgian and European – to ensure that food production in the first place, to feed people and farmers to allow their bread to earn with their craft. To that claim to add power, hands, Broederlijk delen, today more than 16,000 signatures to the secretary of agriculture, Joke Schauvlieghe. A 16,000 concerned citizens to support our claim for a more equitable and sustainable landbouwvoedselsysteem. Because in a world of abundance, it is a shame that there is still a Wereldhongerdag.

Catherine Suetens, policy advisor for right to food at Broederlijk delen

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