‘In 2030 to die each year 5.5 million women with cancer’

‘In 2030 to die each year 5.5 million women with cancer’

By 2030 it will be worldwide, each year approximately 5.5 million women die from some form of cancer. That is an increase of 60 percent in less than two decades.

This is evident from a report of the American Cancer Society, which was presented during a Wereldkankercongres in Paris. That reports AFP.

According to figures from the international organisation for research on cancer die each year currently worldwide, 3.5 million women cancer. As a cause of the increase of this figure is the population growth and longer life expectancy called.

In the report it is stated that currently one in seven women dies of cancer, making it the second most common cause of death after heart disease.

The report showed that about 64 percent of the current deaths occur in poor and less developed countries. In these regions are less people diagnosed with cancer are treated. Nine years later, a larger group from the disease.


In more prosperous countries on continents such as Europe, Asia and America, more people are diagnosed with the disease of cancer, allowing timely intervention. The mortality rate is lower than in poor and less developed countries, because there are fewer resources for prevention and treatment.

According to Sally Cowal of the American Cancer Society, this also shows the inequality between the different countries.

In all 140 countries in the report, breast cancer is the most common type among women.

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