In 1981, Apple ” s Steve Jobs, said the computers would free us from the daily grind

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Talk about taking a step back in time.

Great Tech, is under constant attack from federal regulators and privacy advocates, their employees, and critics on a range of issues related to privacy as well as the content.

However, in 1981, when Apple was just a few years ago, a young 26-year-old Steve Jobs extolled the virtues of the computer, and brushed aside concerns about privacy in an interview with Ted Koppel on ABC News’ “Nightline.”

The journal, which is currently on YouTube, it opens with a scene of all of the ways in which the computers were to place him / herself in the daily life of the room in the market for you to cheques to the bank for the handling of credit card transactions. “In some areas, computers have replaced the human race,” the narrator continued.

Below is the interview of the Couple, a job, and defend the computer, and predicts it will have a major impact on every aspect of your life.

“This is a 21st century bike, it makes for a certain intellectual capacity, that the person has. After this process has been to get to the end of the term, and the effects it has had on society, and I think it’s going to far exceed that of the petro-chemical industry has had,” said Jobs.


Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is shown here during an interview with ABC News.
(ABC News/YouTube)

Couple of the items, saying, “There is a feeling that many of us have had, and how it’s not really understand how computers work or what they do for us, but we are controlled by the computers. The danger of that is going to happen?”

“Well, as you know, it’s a product that we make, we will see a lot of people for the first time, and they don’t even think that it was a computer. It’s about a 12-pound, you can toss it out the window, and if the relationship is not going well,” Jobs said. “And I think that if you look at the kind of the process of the technological revolution that we are in the process of taking the highly-centralized things, and they have a very democratic, if you want to be very individual, causing them to be affordable by an individual, a small set of functions, if you will, a kind of passenger train History.”

The Apple co-founder — who explains that the computer be able to solve most of the potential problems that the Couple brings up — say, personal computers, free of charge, a person from the drudgeries of life, allowing more time to work on the conceptual and creative level.

In a different part of the brief segment, reporter David Burnham noted that the Census Bureau has helped locate Japanese-Americans in 1941 to get them to throw in the internment camps, and ferrets, which are computers that can open the door to a horrifying new possibilities for the future.



However, the Couple points out that many of the earlier inventions, I have two goals.

“It Is for our society to be alert enough to understand the power of the computer, and turn it in the direction of your life.” He is responding. Or are there people and places where we are using this tool for a bad purpose?”


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