Vitamins for Your Health

Important Vitamins for Your Health

Everyone knows that vitamin intake is essential for maintaining good health, but due to our hectic modern lifestyles it can be difficult to fit them into our daily routine.

I learned the hard way about how important it is to regularly take vitamins. A few months after starting a university degree program in Seattle, Washington, I was diagnosed with vitamin D deficiency, due to lack of exposure to direct sunlight. I suffered all kind of health symptoms including feeling constantly exhausted and even depressed.

Fortunately, my cousin in California who hardly ever sees daylight himself (because he works a third shift selling car title loans), knew exactly what I was going through and was able to diagnose my problem over the phone. He recommended that I start taking vitamin D supplements daily, and within weeks I was feeling significantly better.

This experience led me to take many other vitamins, and as a result, I’ve noticed tremendous health benefits. In addition to vitamin D, here are 5 other great vitamin supplements to take on a daily basis:

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals. Vitamin E also plays a big part in strengthening the immune system to fight off viruses and bacteria.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an excellent vitamin for building up the immune system and studies have even suggested that it can help prevent visible aging. What’s more, it has also been linked to helping improve cardiovascular health and preventing eye disease as well as prenatal health problems.

Vitamin A

Vitamin E has multiple health benefits including strengthening the eyes, bones and teeth and can even help maintain healthy hair, skin and nails. Studies have also shown that Vitamin A can play a major part in fighting off cancerous cells.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 converts carbohydrates into energy and so is an ideal vitamin for increasing energy and treating fatigue. It also helps regulate the nervous system, reduces depression, stress and can even prevent heart disease.

Vitamin K

The health value of vitamin K shouldn’t be underestimated as it keeps calcium out of artery linings which can be dangerous for the health. It also directs calcium into the bone matrix and can thus promote overall bone health. Furthermore, it can even slow the growth of cancer cells and has been known to benefit the treatment of leukemia.

I take daily supplements for all of the above vitamins, and I have never felt more healthy and energized. Why not try some of these vitamins yourself? There’s no time like the present, so start taking these health boosting vitamins today.

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