Impeachment: He’s third Us president, who is accused of

The U.s. House of Representatives and president Donald Trump on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, is in a state of accusation (impeachment) for the abuse of that power. He is the third president in the nation’s history, which will be heard in the Senate.

He is accused of, his duties have been abused by the Ukrainian government to put pressure on his political rival Joe Biden to be dropped. Those who reacted after the vote that “no one is above the law, not even the president of Donald Trump”. Biden said that He and the US-to “shipped” offers.

The second charge relates to his rejection of every form of assistance to be provided to the afzettingsonderzoek by the Congress. He gave it to the White House, and order service of process for witnesses and documents, in addition to it. The Democrats thought it would take too much time for the judge to fight it out.

The impeachment does not mean He now should resign: that’s exactly what the Senate is in a later stage about that. In the house of lords will be senators as the jury, while the house of Commons, appointed to impeachment managers will go in as a trial. The president of the Supreme court, John Roberts, should be the process in the right direction.

55Huis of the Delegates to agree before the impeachment of a Home

‘A sad day for the USA

What the lawsuit is just going to be like, is yet to be established. Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic speaker of the House, said at a news conference after the vote, a bit of caution is that this week is even more clarity to create. They called it a “sad day for the united states.

Also, the witnesses have yet to be identified. The Democratic minderheidsvoorzitter, Chuck Schumer, asked on Tuesday to current and former members of the Trumps government to recall, as the minister of Foreign Affairs), Mike Pompeo, and former national security advisor to John Bolton. The Republicans have rejected that request in a direct way.

He responded from his verkiezingsrally in the state of Michigan on the news. “We don’t have a single Republican lost, and three Democrats-have faith in me. Our party has never been so united have been”, said He.

Articles of impeachment adopted at Home

  • He is charged with (1) abuse of power; and (2) obstruction of Congress
  • He was to be the Ukrainian government was under pressure to deliver a political rival to get
  • He refused to cooperate with the afzettingsonderzoek of the Conference
  • It is now up to the Senate to the president to decide
  • Most probably a political trial, at the beginning of January to take place
  • Democrats and Republicans are steggelen on the interpretation of the trial

The two complaints, with the vast majority believed

The House took up the first charge, the so-called articles of impeachment, at around 2: 30 am (pacific time) on a roll call vote. That was along party lines, to two for voting Democrat after the.

The Democrats had the 216 votes needed in order for the charge to take it. They were 230, including the voices of independent, ex-Republican, Justin Amash; 197 deputies voted against it.

On the second charge, obstruction of Congress, or voted for a third party, as a Democrat, against it. The final score was 229 for and 198 against.

AvatarAuteurrealDonaldTrumpMoment of plaatsen03:49 pm – 19 december, 2019 at the latest

As President He abused his power, violated his oath of office and betrayed our nation. This is a solemn moment for our country. But in the United States of America, no one is above the law not even the President.

AvatarAuteurJoeBidenMoment of plaatsen01:53 – 19 december 2019 at the latest

The debate showed the deep divisions in American politics

The vote on the indictments, it was preceded by more than six hours of debate. The delegates recognised in the talks for one to two minutes to express their views on the deposition process.

The Democratic House for president Pelosi opened the debate on the charges. “If we do not act, we might be our obligation,” she said.

The Democratic deputies, it was emphasised that it is unacceptable behavior, He is forced to feel the “sad duty” of the deposit.

“Yes, yes, I’m sad, but not shocked, because, this president has routinely shown that he was in the Congress, and not the law in this country. The facts are not in dispute. The president abused his power and broke the trust of the public, and of his oath of office,” said Barbara Lee, from California, usa.

The Democratic speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, is shaking hands with her, partijgenoot, Jim McGovern, chairman of the regelcomité of the House after the first accusation against the president when He voted, it is believed. (Photo: Reuters)

Republicans have denounced the deposition process

Doug Collins, the highest-ranking Republican in the justitiecomité of the House, he said that the Democratic party He needed to drop off when the Ukraine was still not in the game. “We are going to be quite a lot of things. But for some, it is not fair.”

Other Republicans have suggested that He has been adversely affected during the deposition process, and denied that the president has done something wrong.

“If you’re in the swamp-like drainage, to fight for the swamp, go back in,” said Republican Jim Jordan of Ohio. He also introduced the term to refer to the political and administrative establishment in Washington.

The president, who has in the past few weeks, several times it said to look forward to the opportunity to defend himself during the trial. The previous president, with a trial in the Senate, to make were: Andrew Johnson (1868) and Bill Clinton (1998). Both of them were acquitted of all charges.

361Dit are Trumps predecessors, it is in an impeachment procedure

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