Immigrant children in Rotterdam have more holes

Immigrant children in Rotterdam have more holes

More than 20 percent of the children in Rotterdam has one or more cavities in their teeth at the age of six. They are mainly immigrant children in this city as a vulnerable group.

For the study, more than 4,000 gebitsfoto of six-year-old children in Rotterdam will be analysed. In addition, parents of children are asked to fill in a questionnaire. The results of the so-called Generation R study sense published in the scientific journal Caries Research.

In comparison with Dutch children have Surinamese-Hindustani children are two times more likely to have more than three cavities in their teeth. For Turkish and Moroccan children this is five times as much for.

“It is known that level of education of mother and income of parents play a role in the health of children,” says researcher Eppo Wolvius. “Still, it explains this social inequality but a part and continue to the large ethnic differences, which we think they also play in other major Dutch cities, exist if we take this factor into account. We suspect that the diet, often with a lot of sweets plays a role, especially in Turkish and Moroccan children. But whether this is really so, it should be apparent from the follow-up research.”

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