Illinois was not warned of early indications in the womb-cutting case

A memorial of flowers, balloons, a cross and a picture of the victim Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, will be displayed on the lawn, Friday, May 17, 2019 in Chicago, outside the house where Ochoa-Lopez was murdered in the last month. Assistant State Attorney James Murphy says that a pregnant Ochoa-Lopez, who was killed and whose baby was cut from her womb, was strangled while she is a photo album of the deceased, the son and the brother of her attackers. (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)

CHICAGO Police and Illinois’ child welfare agency say that the staff at a Chicago-area hospital does not alert them after the determination that a bloodied woman who came with a seriously ill newborn had not only seen the birth of the baby, as she claimed.

The woman, Clarisa Figueroa, was charged more than three weeks later with the killing of the mother of the baby , Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, after the police found her body outside Figueoa at home. Chicago police say they cut Ochoa-Lopez’s baby out of her belly on April 23, called 911 to report she has given birth to a baby who wasn’t breathing. The ambulance staff took over Figueroa and the baby to Advocate Christ Medical Center in suburban Oak Lawn.

The baby remained in the hospital on life support on Saturday, according to the authorities.

Prosecutors say that when Figueroa was charged with the baby to the hospital, she had blood on her upper body and her face, that a hospital worker cleaned. They also say Figueroa, 46, was examined in the hospital and showed no physical signs of childbirth.

Advocate Christ Medical Center has refused to say whether and when the contact with authorities, citing the state and federal regulations. Oak Lawn police said they were not contacted on Figueroa street by the medical centre or any other body.

Illinois Department of Children and Family Services spokesman Jackets Strokosch said Saturday the agency was warned, May 9, there were questions about who had custody of the child to make medical decisions. He said he could not speculate on why the office was not contacted earlier.

“We don’t know what happened in the hospital,” he said.

Strokosch, said the Ministry of Children and Family Services was alerted by someone who is required by law to contact the department about the suspicion of abuse or neglect, but he could not say who contacted the agency.

However, that was after the police of Chicago had connected Figueroa to Ochoa-Lopez’s disappearance.

The Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said that the police learned Ochoa-Lopez was missing when her husband reported on 24 April. On May 7, the Chicago police learned of one of Ochoa-Lopez, the friends that they had to communicate through a private Facebook group with Figueroa about the buy of clothing. The police then went to Figueroa’s home, where her 24-year-old daughter, eventually she told her mother had recently had a baby.

“There was nothing to point us in that direction in the beginning,” Johnson told reporters on Thursday, after the police arrested Figueroa and her daughter on an assassin.

Police spokesman Anthony guglielmi said Saturday authorities had to subpoena the medical records from the hospital for Figueroa and the child. He said that the police don’t learn that Figueroa showed no signs of childbirth until “a few weeks” after it was examined.

Both Johnson and guglielmi referred questions about the hospital protocol and policy to the medical center. A spokesman said in a statement by e-mail: “We have worked with the government and as an ongoing police matter, we are referring all questions to the local police.”

DNA study found Figueroa was not the mother of the baby and that Ochoa-Lopez, the man his father was. Strokosch said that the department leave the protective custody of the child will expire on May 13, because his father had identified.

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