Illinois The candidate compares Download Trump to am, then backtracks

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The democratic congressional candidate: Trump and Osama Bin Laden Have an Enormous amount in Common’

An Illinois Congress-the hope is backtracking after he said President Trump had a “tremendous amount in common” with Osama bin Laden.

“I do not mean excessively, I know, hyperbolic,” Sean Casten, a Democrat, originally by the Washington free Beacon said in a recording. “Trump and Osama bin Laden have a tremendous amount in common, as they found out how the bully pulpit to enable marginalised young men.”

“Every demagogue who has done this, right–, a group of angry people and give them a little angry,” Cast further.

Cast won the Democratic primary in March and will face incumbent Rep. Peter Roskam in November. Roskam, a Republican, represents Illinois ” 6th congressional district since 2007.

Veronica Vera, spokeswoman for Roskam campaign, called the comments “hostile, hate-filled language” , is “exactly the wrong approach.”

“Sean Cast a Republican pedophiles, has called the abortion compared to gall bladder surgery, and the Republican party encoder called ‘a few idiots’,” she said in a statement the ” Chicago Sun-Times. “Our communities need a solution-oriented representatives, to bring people together to get things done.”


In the year 2017, tweet, Roskam’s campaign has made the claims has since been deleted, Casting together an article about the Republican National Committee, support for struggling Senate candidate Roy Moore and said, “It ‘ s now officially the pedophile party. Every single GOP incumbent, has the now.”

Yesterday, @SeanCasten claimed that he “brings character first” and doesn’t care what comes of letters after someone’s name. called in a #SeanCastenDeletedTweet, each individual voted #Republican member of the “pedophile party.” #TBT #character first

— Peter Roskam (@Team Roskam) August 23, 2018

And in a July debate, Casting reported in the comparison of abortion a “medical procedure such as a gallbladder surgery,” the “Chicago Sun-Times”.

Casting campaign, the later, as the bin Laden’s remarks “ill-chosen”, but more slam, both Trump and Roskam.

“Before the elections, Donald Trump’s policy of the reduction and division, together strain the bonds that hold our diverse nation. And Sean believes that Donald Trump has tried to make his way to divide Americans for his own personal gain, instead of us together,” the campaign said in a statement on WGN-TV.


“Not only is Peter Roskam fail, has said to be beaten, a control of Donald Trump, both Peter Roskam and Donald Trump have failed to address this issue gun violence is, what Sean claimed that” the campaign.

The comparison between Trump and Osama bin Laden, founder of al-Qaeda and mastermind of the deadly Sept. 11 terror attack, came during a conversation with a woman at an event in Wheaton, Illinois, said her child was afraid to go to school due to the recent mass shootings, the Free Beacon reported.

Illinois’s 6th congressional district is a toss-up from Fox News.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. You can follow her on Twitter: @K_Schallhorn.

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