Illegal immigrants, gave California ICE raid after The mayor of the tip-off, re-arrested for new crimes

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Oakland mayor, you have the choice to share ICE raid information

Response to ‘Hannity’ to Oakland mayor warns illegal immigrants about the coming ICE raids.

Three illegal immigrants, the capture is avoided, according to Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf blew the whistle on a raid by Federal immigration authorities last month, have since been arrested again, because officials said the new offences, including robbery and spousal abuse, ICE,.

Schaaf has a warning before the RAID in Northern California in the last month, infuriating Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials and the trump administration.

“How dare you!” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, in California this month, addressing Schaaf. “How dare you unnecessarily the lives of our law enforcement threaten to encourage authorities that a radical open borders agenda.”

ICE officials finally caught 232 illegal immigrants, many of them are criminals, a four-day sweep, but said that hundreds of escape, because Schaaf ‘ s warning.


Meetings, calls from California refuge of the policy

But on Tuesday, officials said that at least three of those targeted in the RAID, but have not been taken, had been arrested for other crimes.

Was arrested a Mexican citizen, robbery and gun crimes, was released back into the community for an earlier offence, despite an ICE detainer request in November.

Another Mexican national was arrested for a DUI, even though he has been deported three times prior to the convictions for unlawful imprisonment, DUI and battery of a spouse.

The third was a Mexican citizen, was arrested for corporal injury of a spouse, even though he was deported twice, and criminal convictions, including drug possession, hit and run, DUIs, possession of narcotics equipment, and probation violation.

Acting ICE Director Tom Homann mentioned the three cases, in a roundtable on sanctuary cities at the White house on Tuesday. He also expressed frustration over the mixed messages in the sanctuary States of America come from politicians.

“We are told, on the one hand, the efforts are focused on criminals but the same people who want to focus on criminals, let us not in the county’s jails,” he said. “It defies logic.”


ICE Director: Sanctuary cities ” policies are forcing our hand


While Homan Schaaf has the fault, the actions of the flight-as many as 800 illegal immigrants, it is unclear exactly how many evaded capture directly by their actions. A DHS official told The New York Times that the ICE agents usually find only about 30 per cent of their goals during a sweep”, which means that many have not been caught of which, the capture can wich or so.

Schaaf stood, by their actions, namely, the community is safer because of the sanctuary city policies

“I regret not to share this information,” she said last month. “It is Oakland the right of a sanctuary in the city, and we have not broken any laws. We believe that our community is safer if the families stay together.”

Last week, Oakland-based community organizer, told Fox News that it was supported by the members of the community.

“People are really supportive for you because you took a stand,” Emma said Paulino. “You serve the people who elected her.”

The justice Department is also said to be sued in California over its sanctuary city policy, it is the assessment of Schaaf actions, has yet to make an announcement.

Adam Shaw is a political Reporter and occasional opinion writer for He can be reached here or on Twitter: @AdamShawNY.

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