Ilja Gort is lawsuit over trademark ‘storm in a glass of wine’

Ilja Gort is lawsuit over trademark ‘storm in a glass of wine’

Presenter and producer Ilja Gort is the lawsuit over the agreement between the two types ZoMerlot and Sum-merlot unnecessary.

That let his attorney know during a lawsuit. Wine importer LFE from Maartensdijk, the author of ” Sum-merlot, rose Monday in the district court in Utrecht, opposite the Chateau de la Garde.

The latter is the parent company of the well-known winemaker and tv personality Ilja Gort, and known under the wine brand La Tulipe. ZoMerlot this summer under that flag in the supermarket.

Sum-merlot is at the end of last year as the brand registered, but the wine is not yet bottled. The lawyers of LFE have over the past months multiple times, tried out to come up with Château de la Garde, but in vain.

Bottle of wine

“Bottom line is that there is two indications that in terms of pronunciation and structure in a very high degree of matching, while the same pun, but in a different language is used”, says the lawyer of LFE.

For this occasion he has the offending bottle of wine taken to the court and dropped. This remained close during the session.

‘Single edition’

The lawyers of the Château de la Garde – Ilja Gort was not in the Utrecht court showed clearly see the usefulness of the interlocutory proceedings not to show up.

“We are talking here about a one-off edition, only this summer is ZoMerlot in the shops. It is an edition under the banner of La Tulipe, no brand”, ” the lawyer said. He talked about a “storm in a glass of water”, or in this case “a storm in a glass of wine”.

The right hand is doing on the 30th August decision.

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