Ilhan Omar on Trump voters: ‘ignorance is really ubiquitous in many parts of this country’

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U.S. representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), the top of the headlines for some controversial issues. Here is everything about their trip to the US will be in Somalia born, representative you need to know.

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn.,on Tuesday lashed out at supporters of President Donald Trump by claiming that America’s problem with ignorance is “omnipresent.”

Omar the Nation’s “Next left” podcast host John Nichols, appeared to discuss various topics, including the intelligence of trump supporters.

“So all of a sudden, you are a chosen one, and you had a moment this doctrine. It occurs to me that in observation, you are a looks-conscious eyes, and the opportunity to say something that could cause people to think differently about what’s going on,” Nichols said.

Omar said U.S. voters “a misunderstanding” of the refugees and the process will get you face in the United States. You went specifically to the Republicans, in their criticism, saying that she “really well false information, and type the reorganization of the facts is not really, to somehow paint a picture, really, after all it is their roots in the facts.”

She said Minnesota Republican, the refugees want to come to stop, in order to disseminate the state information about the bug, how refugee resettlement works.

“There are agencies in the resettlement program. This is a process that run through them. If you said at the end of the contract, it is not so that refugees will not be resettled, is not that the state is not adequately informed,” Omar. “And so the only leverage you have is that you are part of this contract and they have a part in the negotiations, as many of the people resettled in their state.”

“And so, it is not that you might not know about this, but you can use it as a tool to incite hatred and division. And ignorance is really ubiquitous in many parts of this country. And as someone who was raised from the teachers, to inform the I really like to people about things that you might be ignorant of, more willingly, or unwittingly,” Omar.

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