IFAB will discuss the future developments of the VAR for the annual meeting of

The value at risk is the Saturday is the main topic of discussion at the annual meeting of the IFAB, the spelregelcommissie on the SIDE. However, there is not (yet) a big reglementswijzigingen is expected to apply to the videoarbiter. For a list of all the items on the agenda for the next meeting in Belfast.

Items IFAB meeting in

  • The evaluation of this season, the imported rules of the game
  • Possible amendments to rules of the game in the coming season
  • How to deal with the hersenschuddingen
  • Fair play and conduct on the field
  • A report from the global use of VAR and potential future developments
  • Communication and education about the rules of the game

In particular, in Italy, the uk, and the winners itself, there are suggestions as to how the value at risk can be improved. The expectation is not that it is Saturday, all decisions have to be made about the new regulations regarding the videoarbiter.

Italy wants to be a so-called challengesysteem as in tennis, and field hockey are already in use. The Trainer and the players will be able to have a certain number of times per game, with the help of the videoscheidsrechter to call for when in doubt as to the correctness of the decision of the referee on the field.

“This runs counter to the principle of value at risk,” said the German, IFAB-the secretary Lukas Brud earlier this week, Sportschau. “The concept is the fact that the touch judges, and the videoscheidsrechter assistants to the referee on the field, and it is not that there are external questions asked about and a decision was made.”

FIFA’s director of football development Arsène Wenger claimed recently the buitenspelregel to change it. The former coach of the Arsenal wants to be that players will no longer be an offside if one part of your body past the last defender, but only when they are with their body past the last defender standing.

“We will eliminate the videoarbiter to talk to, but it will still not be voting,” said Brud. The same is true of an English proposal to have a margin of error of 20 cm in offside position.

The IFAB’s decision, or the players with a head injury, as from next season, possibly only for ten minutes, switching can be made. (Photo: Pro-Shots)

A temporary switch or the fourth switch at the concussion

Where is it on private? How to deal with people who have a concussion or a head injury may increase, for example. Due to the increasing financial and other interests are football players with a concussion may sometimes go into the fields sent in.

The IFAB has made two proposals: a momentary switch or a fourth switch. The idea behind this is that the teamartsen, without the pressure of time, to be able to assess whether or not a player is in a collision or a blow to the head can continue to play.

The temporary change may be for ten minutes, wisselspeler in the field, which then may move from place to place if it turns out that there is no evidence of a concussion to temporarily substituted player.

Another option is to take the additional or fourth set of points. If a player has a head injury is injured, then his team an extra a currency exchange facility.

Adjustments to fair play and rules of

In addition, there will be a vote on the fair play rules. It is expected that there will only be a few minor changes to be made.

It is up to the IFAB, a thorn in the side of players, often en masse in protest against the arbitration decision. Last year, the spelregelcommissie all the players and staff members, to the reserves of yellow and red cards for protesting.

The players of Chelsea and Manchester City will complain to the referee, Jon Moss. (Photo: Getty Images)

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