If you survive kruidenplanten, however, is in the kitchen

It is not easy to kruidenplanten in life. And certainly not in the kitchen. The recommendations from herb grower Won a Clause this time to make it.

If you love cooking, no doubt, several attempts have been made to get yourself the herbs growing in the kitchen. Why is it that the kruidenplanten, again and again, in no time at all dried out and a slap in the face?

That is, according to Claus, the fourth-generation herb grower from Belgium Kruishoutem, is not so strange if you consider that the kruidenplanten from the grocery store are bred for only one day, or six to survive.

“The plants are in the supermarket and have been using hydroponics, grown in water,” says Claus. This system allows a plant to grow rapidly, but the plant is not resistant to any other set of circumstances.

Supermarktplanten have been a short life

A supermarktplant is a very suitable as a fresh herb to use. Claus: “You can have the best of the crop, there is almost immediately cut and the leaves that you don’t use it between moist paper towels and stored in the refrigerator.”

In a small bowl of water to survive, the plant will probably be a couple of days. “The hotter they are, the better,” says Claus. “Well, you can help them by making a few satéstokjes to put it.”

The grocery store is a kruidenplant is supported by a plastic cover. This is the way to hydrocultuurplant is to be distinguished from the so-called “transplants,” explains Claus from.

Plants grown in the soil and may survive more easily in the kitchen or in the garden in the said Clause. “They are more slowly grown, and can be hardened by placing them finally in a warm greenhouse, or even outside, to allow it to grow.”

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Replicate the natural conditions in the wake of

In contrast to the supermarktplanten state plant according to the Claus will not be happy with their feet in the water. “It’s better not to have a bowl of water. Then, the roots will rot and die in the process.”

A kruidenplant place in the best conditions, which, in its natural habitat seem to know Claus. “The thyme and rosemary, for example, is a mediterranean herb that was originally found in hot and arid areas will grow. You can find the best conditions of operation.”

Furthermore, it is important to note that there are annuals, herbs, and plant and spice for life are. “Coriander is an annual plant,” says Claus. “Be a good alternative for this is the Vietnamese coriander. This is a plant looks different, but tastes the same and it may be years of life.”

When chives are playing a different problem. If you put half the stem off, and cut out some yellow dots at the ends. Claus: “It’s the best you can, the foliage is completely cut off, up to a few inches above the ground. It’s growing, then once again, green, it is.”

Replicate the natural conditions of the plant, and to give them the best possible chance of survival. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Basil and mint are not difficult to plant

Basil, in turn, is not a difficult plant, said Claus, but that does not mean the changes in temperature. That’s why he’s not very good. “Yes, there are alternatives that are stronger, easier to grow, such as gestekte women.”

However, growing mint is very easy in almost all conditions. “In the event that the muntplant still no good, then you’ll have to prune back to the ground and then it grows back again.”

Regular pruning and fertilizer to give

However, it is also a good idea to spice up a regular to cut back, or in the tops, to pick out, to find Claus. “So, not only are the leaves to pick. This will give you a more compact plant. And the more compact, stronger plants.”

You kruidenplanten ready to keep it, we recommend that he goes to them regularly and get some fresh air to pass through them in a couple of hours outside, on the balcony or on the terrace. “It can also be used in the winter, as long as it’s not below freezing, of course.”

In the spring, when the temperature is higher than 15 ° c, the kruidenplanten to the outside, in the garden or in a pot. “A plant has always to be in proportion to the size of the pot,” explains Claus from. “In order for the plant to be larger, to allow it to grow, you must get it transplant into a bigger pot.”

And, not least, also the kruidenplanten have the nutrients needed to grow your business. “In the pot you purchase is as a base for fertilizer, but, after a few weeks of that diet,” says Claus. Therefore, he advises to take in every two to three weeks, which fertilizers to the plants in the display.

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