If Kavanaugh’s nomination fails, here’s who could be next in the series

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Kavanaugh’s maintains innocence as an additional Prosecutor to the stock exchange

Judge Brett Kavanaugh will tell you, the Senate judiciary Committee in his prepared written statement, the report by Fox News, that he smeared the victims of the “last-minute’; chief congressional correspondent Mike Emanuel.

WASHINGTON – judge Brett Kavanaugh, in an interview with Fox News ‘ Martha MacCallum on Monday, vowed: “I’m not going anywhere.”

It meant, that he would neither resign nor give up, but fight through the nomination as the Democrats release them, one after the other, thin-based, firmly held, the allegations of what you say, is Kavanaugh pattern of extreme intoxication and sexual assault when he was younger.

It is all part of an apparent strategy by Senate Democrats, supported by the dynamics of the #MeToo movement, in order to take down Kavanaugh, you gain back control of the Senate in the upcoming mid-term elections, and then they block the entire trump list of possible Supreme court picks.

“All we have to do is combine the 49 Democrats and get a Republican, not to vote, vote,” former Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Brian Fallon said recently.

Judge Joan Larsen.

(AP, file)

There are 10 Democrats in the Senate judiciary Committee. They are unanimously opposed to Kavanaugh. With only 11 Republicans on the Committee, all eyes were on the draw, Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., as he took the Senate floor Thursday, on the eve of what could be probably riveting testimony, the Prosecutor and defendant.

“I do not believe that the claim of sexual coercion is invalid, because a 15-year-old girl who does not immediately report the attack to authorities such as the President of the United States said two days ago,” said Flake.

But, he added, “Still a proven sex criminal is one of them-such as courses on the left side of the internet. These are people, with families and children, each suffering through an ugly process that we have created.”

If Kavanaugh is defeated, sources say Fox News the White house is ready with a plan B, assuming the Republicans control in the Senate to keep.

It includes five U.S. court of appeals judges, each of whom has personally with President Trump as part of the interview process for the current high court vacancy.

Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

(University of Notre Dame Law School, file)

Among them: the 46-year-old Amy Coney Barrett. As a creditor, a Roman Catholic, is regarded as toxic for some Democrats. In a hearing for her appointment in the 7. Circuit Court of Appeals, a high-ranking member Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., you said of Catholicism that “The dogma is alive in you, and that is worrying.”

Barrett’s response was measured. “If you ask whether I take my Catholic faith seriously, I know, but I would like to stress that my personal faith or my religious belief would not stand in the fulfillment of my duties as a judge,” she said.

Raymond Kethledge, 51, has a solid conservative record. He ruled to limit the collection of member contributions from public sector unions, and ruled the IRS was not politically biased against the Tea y.

Democrats have said the 49-year-old judge Joan Larsen presents a further threat to Roe v. Wade. You wrote, quote: “In the case of abortion, the constitutional rights was first formally articulated by the Supreme court itself, not by the citizenry.”

Amul Thapar, 49, would be the first Asian or Indian-American judge sitting on the Supreme court. He was convicted once, a nun, who broke into the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, protest against nuclear power, for three years in prison, later overturned on appeal.

And judge Thomas Hardiman has embraced strong, judicial restraint, once writing that his place is ” not to upset the will of the people, expressed through their elected representatives.”

Judge Thomas Hardiman.

(AP, file)

If one of them was prepared before the Committee that the judge is likely to face is about to punish another, but still, gauntlet, Kavanaugh was carried out.

This, in turn, can consider to lead to angry Republicans, another option: delete the hearings. They are not constitutionally required, in the Senate the role of advice and consent. It was only when Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish Supreme court, was nominated in 1916, the Senate judiciary Committee has questions, the question of the candidacy. It was the first shot in what has become all-out war on Capitol Hill.

Doug McKelway, Fox News Channel (FNC) entered into force in November 2010 and serves as a Washington-based correspondent. Click here for more information on Doug McKelway.

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